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Kim Kardashian is single again: she breaks her relationship with Pete Davidson after 9 months together

Kim Kardashian is single again: she breaks her relationship with Pete Davidson after 9 months together

Kim Kardashian is single again: she breaks her relationship with Pete Davidson after 9 months together


The distance seems to have been the key so that the love story between the comedian and the "celebrity" could not continue

It seems that Kim Kardashian is single again after ending her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson after nine months of romance. As sources close to the family have confirmed to E! News magazine , the couple would have decided to separate amicably and stay as friends despite the "love and respect they feel towards each other" . The love story that began in October 2021 and that has been full of trips, dinners and even joint tattoos, would have ended definitively. 

The sources mentioned above suggest that the reason for the breakup was distance . He lives in NY and she in California and they both have very demanding schedules which has been a difficulty that they have not been able to overcome. In addition, they have barely been able to see each other during the summer since Davidson has spent the last few months in Australia recording a movie while Kim was still in LA taking care of her 4 children: North,Chicago, Pslam and Saint West, from her previous marriage to rapper Kanye West.


Both have tried to overcome this test and for the couple to work: “When they are separated, they are in constant communication. Kim loves that he always makes her laugh and she really makes his day when they talk, "explained the source to the American media. But these conversations seem to be over as everything indicates that the couple is officially over. 

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The relationship story of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson 

Last October 2021, Kim served as the host of Saturday Night Live, a comedy show where Davidson has been working for more than 9 years. The celebrity was in the middle of a complicated divorce with her ex-husband Kanye West who did not stop putting obstacles to the separation, and it was on that same program when the connection between Kim and Pete emerged, becoming a new illusion in the life of the Kardashian.


Although they had already been aware of each other before, it was not until the recording of the program that both had to kiss on a Saturday Night Live Programme.  I texted him but at the time I wasn't even thinking, 'Oh my God, I'm going to have a relationship with him.'” From then on, and after overcoming the infinity of obstacles that Kim's ex-partner put in the relationship, they made their relationship official by starting a beautiful love story, being seen together on several occasions, such as having dinner in different cities, at the MET Gala and even appearing in the famous family reality show. 

Now Kim is facing a love break again, although more friendly and less murky than the previous one. The second daughter of the Kardashian clan is fully involved in enjoying her children with Kanye West, with whom the relationship seems to have relaxed, and she is fully involved in her multiple projects as a businesswoman. We will have to wait to see if Kim finds love again soon or, on the contrary, she decides to extend her stage as a single woman.

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