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Camila Cabello, do you have a new boyfriend?

Camila Cabello, do you have a new boyfriend?
Camila Cabello, do you have a new boyfriend?

The singer has been seen in an affectionate attitude with Austin Kevitch, the creator of a dating application


Everything indicates that Camila Cabello is in love again. This week the interpreter of Bam Bam  has been seen walking through the streets of Los Angeles in an affectionate attitude with a young man with whom she has shared laughter, endless walks hand in hand  and tender kisses on the cheek when the time has come to say goodbye, but who is this handsome boy who seems to have stolen the singer's heart?

This is Austin Kevitch, a 31-year-old businessman from Pennsylvania, who, precisely, is an expert in the field of love, since he is the co-founder of Lox Club, an exclusive online dating application for Jewish peoplewho usually reside in Miami, New York or Los Angeles, which has become very popular in recent times. Likewise, during her university days she created a platform to help victims of bullying.  


Camila Cabello, do you have a new boyfriend?

Despite the fact that the protagonists have not spoken officially about these images and  no further details have been revealed about their relationship , a source close to the vocalist has declared to the American news portal Entertainment Tonight that the courtship began in June and that they both have friends in common, which seems to have been their link.


This same person has also explained that although the entrepreneur is the one who usually acts as a matchmaker with the users of the app ,  in this case the actor Nicolas Galitzine was the one who played the role of Cupid and introduced them, since Austin had prior interest in meeting Camila.Be that as it may, there is no doubt that chemistry arose between them. 

Camila regains her smile at the same time that her ex-boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, does too. Just a few days ago the singer, who has suspended his world tour due to anxiety problems, was very attentive to a beautiful friend at her 24th birthday celebration. This is the first time that the two are seen in public with another person after putting an end to their romance at the end of 2021.


The ex-partner, who seemed to live in a permanent fairy tale, had been in a relationship for two years that always was very exposed to public scrutiny. A fact that overwhelmed the one who was a member of Fifth Harmony that she made the drastic decision to walk away from everything and cut with Shawn to focus entirely on her person and her professional career.   


What is certain is that it has not been an easy season for the protagonist of Cinderella, since she has had to deal with mental health problems in addition to the attacks of many detractors who criticized her for her physical form, it should be remembered that like other colleagues such as Selena Gómez, Camila Cabello has always been a defender of real beauty and has spoken openly about her insecurities and how one should love her body overcoming the impossible canons imposed by society.

 In the same way, she has silenced all those who have wanted to see her badly with her best weapon: her talent,heading the list of musical successes and becoming the one in charge of kicking off the Champions League final with a magnificent performance. 


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