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10 Tips To Walk On The Sand Of The Beach And Lose Weight

10 Tips To Walk On The Sand Of The Beach And Lose Weight

10 Tips To Walk On The Sand Of The Beach And Lose Weight


Sand walking is great exercise, but you have to do it right

Nobody doubts that walking is an excellent exercise for physical and mental health. Strengthens the body, the heart and clears the mind. And in summer, those people who are lucky enough to spend their vacations on the coast can take advantage of more benefits by walking on the sand. One of them, which helps you lose weight. The terrain conditions make the exercise more intense and, therefore, you will burn more calories. Therefore, if you want to lose weight walking on the beach, do not miss these tips. 

Wake up your feet

Walking on the beach helps you awaken all the sensitive endings that we have in our feet, which will be of great value for general balance, from our feet to our heads. “This information –which we call proprioception– is important to start the muscular micro activation of the legs, which provide us with a clean and accident-free gait. It will give tone and function to the ligaments of the lower extremity and will start up the vascular system. Those who have suffered an ankle sprain will understand the importance of working on this proprioception in their recovery process,” says Pablo Terrón, director of the Physiotherapy Degree at the Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV). 

Before walking, warm-up

Although it seems that walking on the beach is a simple exercise, in order not to hurt yourself, you have to warm up, above all, the joints of the feet and legs, which will be the ones that work the most, especially if you walk barefoot. Make circles with your feet, bend your ankles, place your hands on your thighs and with your legs slightly bent, make circles to and fro, bend your knees to stretch your legs and start walking slowly to warm up. 

10 Tips To Walk On The Sand Of The Beach And Lose Weight

Walk an hour

It is important to take into account the time and intensity, that is, you have to walk at a good pace and continuously for at least ten minutes if what we are looking for is a warm-up. If what we want is to keep fit and control our weight, we must walk every day, at least one hour a day. According to Sprinter experts: “Walking for an hour will activate blood circulation, which will help you fight orange peel skin and keep your weight under control.”

Do it in the company 

Find yourself a good companion to catch up with, and the hour you spend walking will fly by. In addition, you will be able to verify that the intensity of the exercise is adequate. To know if you are walking at the pace that helps you burn calories, you have to have a hard time talking. Not to the point of being unable to do it, but you should notice some difficulty. 

Look for earrings

On the sand of the beach, you will find small slopes that can also be used to intensify the exercise and burn more calories. Of course, warns Terrón, if you have a recent sprain that is in the process of recovery and readjustment, the expert warns that “in a first phase it would be beneficial to walk on the hard part of the sand and without a lateral slope.

Use poles in the sand 

The exercise is called Nordic walking and will intensify the walk. It is an endurance sport that consists of walking with the help and impulse of sticks similar to those used in skiing. Using these poles, you will not only activate the muscles of the legs but also those of the upper body, making the exercise more complete. 

Walk against the wind 

Another way that walking on the beach becomes the exercise that will help you lose weight is that you use the wind to create more resistance on the way. But try to have it on your back when you return, since you will be more tired and the wind will help you on the way back. 

Walk barefoot at times 

If you are going to walk for an hour on the sand, you must wear suitable footwear so as not to damage your feet. But walking barefoot is an excellent exercise that also exfoliates the skin. You can reserve ten or 15 minutes at the end of the walk to take off your shoes. You will also feel great relief if you walk along the shore. 

Walk through the soft sand 

Walking through soft sand requires more effort. It's almost like climbing a hill. In fact, if you spend a long time walking on this floor without being prepared, you will notice how the next day your twins protest. Ideally, you should start by alternating the more compacted shore with the softer sand. 

Moisturize your body and put on sunscreen 

Ideally, you should go for a walk on the beach first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the sun is setting. Avoid central hours, as they can end up exhausting you. Also, always wear sunscreen and, where possible, physical protectors, such as t-shirts and hats. Another fundamental point is that you hydrate. If carrying a bottle in your hand is annoying, you can use a small fanny pack or backpack to drink before you get thirsty.

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