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How Can I Stream Youtube With 3G

How Can I Stream Youtube With 3G

How Can I Stream Youtube With 3G


YouTube app is the entertainment hub and has so much to watch for every age. Millions of people stream different kinds of videos on YouTube application all the day but many users do not know how can they stream Youtube with 3G. In this article you can get information about how can you stream youtube with 3G step by step guide. Let’s get to know stream YouTube on 3G.

Let’s Start!


Everybody can search something of his personal interest to watch on YouTube application. Kids, Women, Men, every age people as something they can stream on YouTube with 3G.

You can search out  millions of new vloggers and content creators daily. You can stream  different songs here or you can daily routines or listen to favourite podcasts. YouTube application is widely used by students as well for educational purposes. You can find out  content related to your related and interested field easily. It is a great source of knowledge as well as entertainment and that too for absolutely free of cost.

All you have to do is a good internet connection and then you can watch videos on YouTube in HD quality. The only bad thing would be the frustrating advertisemnet but other than that it is a great source to pass time or learn something very valuable.

You can also stream videos on YouTube application on your phone that too with your 3G but the High Defintion video quality is not promised. 

How Can I watch YouTube on my 3G network?

Yes, you can stream YouTube on 3G but the quality of video will not be up to the mark. YouTube only offers High Definition quality videos on every kind of internet connection.

Since we have observed that youtube videos of HD quality do not stream properly on 3G.There is one solution you can download a modded apk to stream HD quality videos on your 3G phones. But if you are not having much problem about the quality of the videos and are just interested to watch the video then yes you can stream videos on YouTube with your 3G network with ease.

How Can I stream HD quality videos over 3G?

IPhone permits  you to watch High-quality(HQ) videos with just a few simple and easy steps. I am listing down these important steps below and if you are user of  iPhone then you can easily watch HQ Videos on Your iPhone with just a few simple and easy steps.

Open Google Search on your iPhone.

Type youtube.com  on the search engine and click ok.

Find out the video you would want to watch.

Go to the option and select ‘HQ’.

Click on the HQ icon.

Watch personal interest favorite video in high quality(HQ) on your iPhone over your 3G network.


You can stream videos on YouTube with your 3G network but you cannot have High Definition quality. But quality does not matter to you then you can stream videos on YouTube with a 3G network. And if you are user of iPhone then simply and easy to follow the steps mentioned above to watch high-quality(HQ) videos on your iPhone.

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