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How to make money on social media Platforms in 2022

How to make money on social media Platforms in 2022

How to make money on social media Platforms in 2022How to make money on social media Platforms in 2022


         In 2019, when Covid-19 out broke in China and the world economy going down. Working from home was the only option. Then Social media encouraged the people and businessmen for enhancing business. Social Media took shape of a powerful tool to promote business at that moment. Everybody can make money on social media platforms. Every business person wants to grow his business. You will work as a social media business promoter to promote other's businesses.

        Even technology newbies can become masters and use social media platforms to enhance their small business income. Here are a few simple and easy tips for your small business.

9 Best social media platform to make money 2022

How to make money on social media Platforms in 2022


        There are many impressive channels/platforms to publish your content, grow your audience very fast, and get paid from them.All content creators searching for social media platforms that pay the most consider using a platform that suits their needs and creates market opportunity.

        While Instagram is the best choice for monetizing images, Pinterest and Snapchat also pay their content creators. There are many options for making money on social media.

        Let’s look at the top 9 social media platforms that pay to assist you to decide which is the best fit for your content and monetization key goals.

1.    Instagram

2.    Youtube

3.    SnapChat

4.    Ticktok

5.    Pinterest

6.    Twitter

7.    Linkedin

8.    Facebook

9.    Clubhouse


        Instagram is the 4th global ranking website (United States ranking 7th) and almost 6.3 billion users visited the website last month.  Its traffic is very impressive(the United States 19.07%, Brazil 8.37%, India 3.80%, UK 3.21%, Argentina 3.15% and Others 62.40%).

        To show monetary assistance to a content creator on Instagram, users can buy badges during live videos. This thing allows fans to support themselves while participating in live streaming.

        Instagram is a great social media platform if you want to earn money through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts, the badges feature allows you to make money based purely on your content that badges appear next to the username throughout the video, so fans/viewers can contribute to your streaming at any moment.

When someone buys a badge, they will appear in the comments section and gain access to other additional features. These are parts of a creator’s list of badge holders and special heart features with it.


2. Youtube

        Youtube is the 2nd global ranking website (United States ranking 2nd) and almost 33.8 billion users visited the website in June 2022. It has traffic from (USA 21.45%, Russia 5.47%, Brazil 4.31%, India 4.06%, Japan 3.81% and Others 60.90%). It is the 2nd biggest social media platform for making money. 

        YouTube will be in the hand of the creators who generate the most views and public engagements every month to reward them for their Channel videos. YouTube users can prepare for the Youtube Shorts features by following the rules and learning how to use this social media platform. Creators on YouTube can also make money from their old monetized video content.

        Your subscribers and the number of views you have influence how much you can earn from YouTube. Once you achieve the goal of 1k subscribers and have 4k public watch time hours in the last 12 months, you can able to generate your income.


3. Snapchat

        Snapchat is at the 1065  global ranking website (the United States ranking 1019) and almost  48.9  million users visited this social media platform in June 2022. It has mostly traffic from (USA 32.49%, Saudi Arabia 7.75%, India 4.94%, United Kingdom 4.52%, France 3.55% and Others 46.75%). 

        According to CNBC, Snapchat pays up to $1 million per day for content created on the social media platform. Snapchat users can submit their best and most beautiful snaps to Spotlight, an entertainment site that shares this kind of content throughout the world. 

      The content is reviewed and will be posted if it meets Snapchat's requirements. This means that other users of Snapchat can search your snap-in in both stories and search results. 

        If your snap goes viral, the application will notify you that you are now eligible to get a Spotlight Payout. You can earn many payouts, though, according to Snapchat Support, this service is only available in selected countries. Originally launched, the scheme has progressed to include countries such as India, Mexico, and Brazil. If Spotlight is not yet available in your country, there is a good chance it will be soon in your country. 

4. Tiktok

        Tiktok is the 3,817,603  global ranking website and almost  7.9k users visited this social media platform in last month. It has mostly traffic from (USA 76.68%, Indonesia 13.72% and Malaysia 9.60% ).Creators is a social media platform of entertainment, inspire and express themselves, and TikTok supports and give rewards to these individuals for their hectic efforts.

        To make yourself eligible to participate, you require to meet specific demographic requirements and post original videos in line with the application’s Community Guidelines. You will also require to have a minimum of 10k authentic followers and 100k genuine video views in the last 30 days.

        If you complete the above requirements and live in either the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, or Spain, you can apply by clicking on Creator tools in your settings on the application. The funds are given by combining several elements, including views and engagement.

5. Pinterest

        Pinterest is the 30  global ranking website (the United States ranking 27) and almost  924.5  million users visited this social media platform in June 2022. It has mostly traffic from (USA 44.10%, Brazil 8.26%, India 4.67%, Argentina 2.45%, Indonesia 2.33% and Others 38.20%). 

        Pinterest’s Creator Funds(PCF) is associated with a small number of content creators from underrepresented communities in the United States. This help multiplies strategy consultations, an ads budget, and compensation for content creation.

         In total number, this fund will assist 18 creators identified by Pinterest across different industries. Presently, the Creator Fund(CF) is closed for applicants, but they describe it as a cycle therefore, they will likely receive the Creator Fund Applications again in future.

6. Twitter

        Twitter is the 5  global ranking website (the United States ranking 5) and almost  6.8  billion users visited this social media platform in the last month. It has mostly traffic from (The United States 26.11%, Japan 14.86%, UK 5.55%, Brazil 3.82%, Canada 3.07%, and Others 46.59%).

           Twitter's Tip Jar(TTJ) is a method to receive and show support for the application using money. Essentially, Android and iPhone mobile users can exchange Tips. This feature is currently available to numerous users, including creators, famous journalists, experts, and nonprofit organizations(NPO). 

            The Twitter Tip Jar (TTJ) is only available for English-language users for the time being. However, the social media platform aims to grow to other languages in the future. Using Twitter’s Tip (TT) features is really simple and gives you more incentive to spend time on Twitter.

        You can watch if a user has enabled the feature by looking for the Tip Jar(TJ) icon next to the Follow button on an account. When you push on the icon, you can get payment services and platforms like PayPal, Patreon, Cash App, and more. So, exchanging money is easy. You can even link your Tip Jar(TJ) with a Strike wallet to exchange Bitcoin, which is useful if you're trying to increase your crypto wealth. 

7. Linkedin

         LinkedIn is the 20 global ranking website (the United States ranking 18) and almost  1.5  billion users visited this social media platform in the last month. It has mostly traffic from (The United States 31.28%, India 7.30% Japan 14.86%, UK 5.82%, Brazil 4.34%, Canada 3.98%, and Others 47.28%).

            Are not you Surprised to see LinkedIn on this list?

You shouldn’t be. Microsoft owns this social media platform, and it relies on words to fuel engagement instead of images and video.

            In 2021, the platform launched its Creator Mode feature to assist users to grow.

To use this important feature, content creators must:

•             Link their account and choose Creator Mode.

•             Display the topics they’re going to about using famous hashtags (it makes them easier to search/look for)

•           Publish any original content they’ve already shared at the top of their profile.

            Once set up, Creator Tool like Live Video and LinkedIn Newsletter assist you to boost content and driving/engage people to your website to earn revenue.

 8. Facebook

        Facebook is the 3 global ranking website (the United States ranking 3) and almost  19 billion users visited this social media platform in June 2022. It has mostly traffic from (The United States 23.10%, Vietnam 4.69%, Poland 3.94%, UK 3.74%, the Philippines 3.70%, and Others 60.82%).

      Facebook is providing opportunities for content creators to diversify revenue by offering tools and support to those who build communities on this social media application. There are different ways to earn money from Facebook, from in-stream advertisements to branded content, as well as fan subscriptions and groups.

        Monetization on the Facebook opportunity is available for those with a business page, though the content must associate with the company's monetization rules. Earning payments are determined on basis of the advertiser, the video view count, and subscription funding.

        There are plans in future to introduce monetization opportunities to the Stories feature. This would include advertisements that include stickers, and creators would get a portion of the resulting revenue.

9. Clubhouse

        Clubhouse is the 24, 532 global ranking website (the United States ranking 23,035) and almost 3.1 million users visited this social media platform in June 2022. It has mostly traffic from (The United States 29.23%, India 9.14%, Japan 3.44%, UK 3.40%, Canada 3.37 % and Others 51.42%).

          Clubhouse makes payments to users with the Creator First Accelerator Program(CFAA). All users can send their payments, and the application will pay the full amount to the creator—without taking a cut. Sending Payments to Clubhouse Creators is simple to do, making it highly easy for creators and general users.

        Clubhouse plans to introduce more monetization options in the future, each of which aims to further payments to creators for their hectic efforts and creative ideas. Keep a close eye out for developments.

          In the light of above said discussion, I have a firm belief that you can make money on social media platforms and make your life easy and prosperous.  In this era, the man who is striving for making money online, these social media platforms are the best options for earning money. Only one thing is required from you that is the continuous struggle and untiring efforts that will polish your abilities. 

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