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How to screenshot on Windows or Mac

How to screenshot on Windows or Mac

How to screenshot on Windows or Mac

Still don't know how to take a screenshot on your PC, laptop or mobile? Don't worry! We show you how to take a screenshot on your computer or laptop, Windows or Mac, and on your smartphone.

Depending on the computer or mobile device (laptop) you have, you have several options to take a screenshot. We show you how to take a screenshot on a Windows computer or laptop, or on a MacBook.

Screenshot on Windows

To take a screenshot on a PC, on a laptop or a laptop, whose operating system is Windows, go to the keyboard of your computer. At the top right of your keyboard, you will find a key called PrtScrn or PrtScrn, press it.

To take a screenshot of only a specific program or tab, press ALT and then the PRINT SCREEN key .

To save the snapshot or capture, you can use Microsoft Paint (PAINT) or a graphics (image) editing program such as Photoshop . Depending on the program follow these steps:

Screenshot on Windows with PAINT

1. Press the Print Screen or PrtScrn key.

2. Go to option Open Paint Then (Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint).

3. In Paint, Push the " Edit "  button and then " Paste ".

4. To save, click File, Save, or Save As. Assign a name to the image and voila!

Screenshot on Windows with Photoshop

1. Press the Print Screen or PrtScrn key.

2. Open Photoshop.

3. Click File + New (create a file and give it a title).

4. Paste the image using the mouse or click Ctrl + V .

5. To save click File and Save As . A new window will open. Change the file type to JPEG , assign a name, location and voila!

Screenshot on Mac OS X

To take a screenshot on an Apple computer , commonly known as a Mac , you can press SHIFT + COMMAND (little apple) + 3 at the same time and a screenshot of the entire screen will be saved to your desktop.

If you see a thumbnail in the corner of the screen you can edit the screenshot you just took. If not, it will be automatically saved to your desktop.

How to take screenshot a part of the screen on a Mac

If you want to capture only part of the screen, hold down these keys:


Drag the cross that will appear on the screen and select the area you want to capture and release the mouse or trackpad button.

For cancelling the screenshot, push the ESC (Escape) key.

Where to find the screenshots?

On a MAC IOS computer or laptop, you can find the screenshots on the desktop under the name "Screenshot (date) at (time).png"

On a Windows computer or laptop, it is you who chooses the folder where the screenshot is saved. If you can't find it, do a search in General for the name you gave it.

How to screenshot on Windows or Mac

Screenshot on Android phones

Depending on the mobile phone model , the screenshot is done differently. The general or official way to take a screenshot on Android is: simultaneously press the power key and the volume down key . Keeping both keys pressed automatically generates a screenshot at the sound of it.

But, not all manufacturers impose/implement it in the same method. There are five other possibilities to take a screenshot on an Android:

1. Push the Power button + Home button.

2. Push the Power button + Volume Up button.

3. Press Power button + Volume down button .

4. Press Home button + Volume up button .

5. Press Home button + Volume down button .

Regardless of the Android mobile you have, some of the above combinations will work on your smartphone. But remember, both buttons must be pressed at the same time.

Screenshot on an iPhone, iPod, or iPad

To take a screenshot on an iPhone, iPod or iPad, you have to press the On/Off button + the Home button at the same time . It will be automatically saved in the image gallery and then you can share it through social networks, email or others. 

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