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How To Make Money On YouTube

How To Make Money On YouTube

How To Make Money On YouTube

If you have already created a YouTube channel, surely you want to know how to make money on Youtube. Most likely, you want to know how Adsense works, however, we are here to show you some other ways to make money on your youtube channel.

If you want to earn money with YouTube, you should consider other forms of income, since if you take into account the number of videos that are uploaded per minute, the competition is great.

In this article, we explain that there are other ways to earn money with YouTube.

How To Make Money On YouTube


The first and most obvious is through the ads that are displayed on your channel. The only thing you have to do to start monetizing through ads is to collect 1000 subscribers, and 4000 hours of views and create an Adsense account. 

Once you can monetize this way on YouTube, we suggest you join the YouTube Partner Program. By being an affiliate, YouTube gives you other options to earn money, such as Premium subscriptions, channel memberships and the section to sell merchandise directly on YouTube (from 10000 subscribers).

Keep in mind that not all types of videos earn money from ads. In order for YouTube to allow you to advertise, your video must not violate YouTube's Community Guidelines. This means that if you make videos around controversial topics, fewer companies are going to be interested in promoting themselves in your videos.

How To Make Money On YouTube



Sponsorships are deals you make directly with companies or brands to promote their product. In return you can receive some of their products or services or payment for the work. 

One of the advantages of sponsorships is that YouTube does not keep a part of your income. 

For businesses to notice you, you need to have a large audience and your content needs to be relevant to the people who buy from that brand. 

The content you make should be of great quality so that you can easily sell yourself. Remember that the cost for sponsorship is higher than that of other social networks, but it will also be related to your reach on this platform and the interaction of your audience.

In the case of making sponsored content, we recommend that you mention it at some point in your video so as not to have any problem with your audience since many people do not like this type of content.

Channel Merchandise 

Once you have your audience well established, they might be interested in buying merchandise related to your channel. 

There are countless products that you can sell to earn money, they can be t-shirts, mugs, reusable bags, among others, all with the logo or some aspect of your channel. In this way they are also advertising you outside the platform

If you have a channel for your company or a personal one, you can take advantage of the space that YouTube gives you to make yourself known and position yourself as an authority on the subject. From this, you can promote your own products such as courses, apps, ebooks or anything else.

Affiliate Links 

Affiliate links help you earn a small commission by sharing a product link in your description. In order for you to earn this money, people have to buy the product by clicking on the link you provided. 

This is a great way to earn passive income as once you post content, you don't need to spend any more time on it. So, if you have a channel for reviews and product tests, what are you waiting for to have more income!

This way of making money on YouTube is also low risk for both you and the product brand or company since the only ones who will buy the product are those who are interested in it.

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