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How To Make Money With Facebook?

How To Make Money With Facebook?

How To Make Money With Facebook?

Monetizing with this social network is possible. This platform has become one of the largest worldwide with 2,449 million users. If you are an entrepreneur and would like to monetize your account, we recommend reading this article.

Facebook Monetization Methods

In this section we will tell you 7 ways to monetize on this social network :

Adding ads to videos:

So-called in-stream ads are short ads that appear at the beginning, during and after a video on the platform. She herself will pay you depending on how many people see and interact with the ad.

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How To Make Money With Facebook?

Mentioning other FB accounts:

You can try to work with other accounts within the platform to boost your content. In this way, you can talk about certain products or services of a specific brand. We suggest you create quality content and a specific niche.

Sell  your products or Services:

Create a page on Facebook, and share quality content, where at the same time you can offer products or services that complement the experience of your community. Show the added value of the product or service and tell your community why it is necessary for them.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is a very popular digital business scheme on many platforms and Facebook is no exception. Through the scope of your content, be it posts or videos, images and even memes, you can share third-party products or services with the aim of selling them and generating a commission.

Targeted traffic through ads:

Analyze, plan and execute one or several advertising campaigns with the aim of going to a website and converting. You have a tool called Facebook Ads Manager which will allow you to manage the entire process.

How To Make Money With Facebook?

Subscription groups:

You can monetize your account through recurring subscriptions so you can generate some extra income. It is important that such a subscription has an added value.

Would You Like To Become An Influencer On Facebook?

All you have to do is read this article where we will tell you about some of the platform's requirements and policies to be part of the monetization program. You will learn how to become an influencer either with a page, generating content in groups and/or participating in videos or streaming.

If you are an influencer and have more than 1,500 followers on your social networks, you can collaborate with us. You just have to register here and you can start monetizing your social networks.

How To Make Money With Facebook Live?

This is achieved with streaming content. When a content creator or publisher makes a live video, users can interact with them and give them badges. These badges can be redeemed for real money (badges are called stars).

Partnering with Facebook

FB developed a monetization system based on granting payments to content creators who have at least 2 thousand followers and at least 300 people or active users at the time of streaming, for now, it is only available for influencers, celebrities or recognized brands, it is expected that in a short time will be available to everyone.

What are Facebook Live stars?

They are scores or badges called "stars", which are given by users within the streamings and that content creators can exchange for money.

Next we will show you its equivalence to real money:

1 ⭐ = 0.01$

100 ⭐ = 1$

1000 ⭐ = $10

10000 ⭐ = $100

When is payment for Facebook Live stars effectively?

In order to exchange the stars for real money, you need to wait 30 days after earning them. For example, suppose that on January 10 you got 1,000 stars because then you can collect them until February 10 (approximately a month later), you also need to accumulate a minimum of $100 in stars ⭐ to be able to transfer your money.

How to enable stars?

Follow the steps below, for this, you must be enrolled in the FB program called Level Up.

Go to Creator Studio inside FB Live Creator, then creative tools and last active panel

In Level Up just go to panel in streamers

Click on “ Set stars”

Enter your payment method and you are done

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