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Headache When I Wake Up: Causes of this discomfort?

Headache When I Wake Up: Causes of this discomfort?


Headache When I Wake Up: Causes of this discomfort?


Many people complain that they have a headache when they wake up. To solve this problem, it is essential to detect what are the causes that trigger it.

The causes of this discomfort can be variable and different in each person. And although it is extremely rare for a headache to be a symptom of a major illness, in the event that these discomforts are intense, frequent, require pharmacological treatments such as taking painkillers or appear accompanied by other symptoms, it is important to see a specialist as soon as possible. before.

Therefore, below, we will tell you what are the main reasons why your head may hurt when you wake up and some possible solutions or treatments. 

What are the main causes of headaches when waking up?


Headache When I Wake Up: Causes of this discomfort?


Waking up with a headache is not strange, in fact, it happens to many people, as there are several causes for which it can occur since there are also different types of headaches:

1. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea consists of small respiratory stops that occur while we sleep and that causes the brain to not receive oxygen for a few seconds. People who suffer from this problem snore intensely and, sometimes, by not having a restful and fluid sleep, they wake up very tired or with a headache when they wake up. In addition, the problem of waking up with a headache can become chronic and daily.

Another common problem associated with sleep apnea is the loss of concentration during certain times of the day.

2. Trouble sleeping

Stress, day-to-day worries, depression or anxiety can cause difficulties in falling asleep, sleep disorders or this rest is not of quality and we wake up easily.

Disrupted sleep patterns can also trigger a headache, as they disrupt circadian rhythms (which are the oscillations of biological variables in our body at regular intervals of time). This happens, for example, if you work shifts or if you suffer from jet lag.

All these circumstances cause us to wake up nervous, irritable and exhausted, which can also lead to morning migraines. Therefore, sleeping well is key to the health of our eyesight and our psychological stability. 


Headache When I Wake Up: Causes of this discomfort?


3. Incorrect Postures

Spending 8 hours or more sleeping in an unnatural, uncomfortable or inadequate position is a risk factor for waking up in the morning stiff and with a headache.

Using the wrong pillow or one that is not suitable for us can also cause pain.

4. Bruxism

Bruxism, which is an excessive tension of the jaw muscles caused by the unconscious action of grinding the teeth during the day or at night, can affect us, lead to discomfort and cause us to have a headache when we wake up.

It is estimated that 10% to 20% of the general population suffers from nocturnal bruxism.

5. Lack of hydration

The usual thing is that during the night we do not consume liquids or food. However, while it is true that during these hours the body is at rest, the simple fact of breathing and the beating of the heart causes the body to consume energy and, if it is not properly hydrated, it suffers from minor dehydration.

Although these dehydrations are mild, this lack of fluids in our body can mean that not enough oxygen reaches the blood, which causes the dreaded morning headaches.

6. Vision problems

Poorly corrected and even unknown vision difficulties are also another reason for frequent headaches and when getting up.

How to prevent headaches when we get up?

To prevent and avoid headaches when waking up, it is important to have good sleep hygiene and other habits, such as: 

πŸ‘‰   Eat properly.

πŸ‘‰   Avoid exciting drinks and foods: caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, etc.


πŸ‘‰   Practice sports regularly and get used to doing relaxation activities, such        as yoga or pilates.
πŸ‘‰   Sleep on a suitable mattress.
πŸ‘‰   Sleep in the correct position and with the right pillow.
πŸ‘‰   Try not to force the body and muscles into incorrect positions while              sleeping.
πŸ‘‰   Drink water as much as you can before going to bed to avoid                        dehydration.
πŸ‘‰   Properly correct refractive errors and other vision problems.

In addition to everything mentioned above, it is essential to have regular medical check-ups, both for eyesight and general.

Unfortunately, there are many pathologies that do not present any significant symptoms until the disease is already quite advanced. However, these pathologies can be detected using the appropriate diagnostic tools. Hence the vital importance of medical examinations to be able to treat them in time and effectively.


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