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Best Ways to Learn How Hosting a Website

Best Ways to Learn how hosting a website

Best Ways to Learn how hosting a website

In this article we will discuss best ways to learn how hosting a website, Hosting Help gives you some basics on website hosting and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Most people new to the web are unaware of the best way to know how hosting their own website. Many think that special knowledge and techniques are required to do it, which is not true.

Believe it or not, if you choose the right criteria, in just a few minutes you can host your own website. Arguably as easy as creating a Twitter or Facebook account.

Here we will introduce you to the correct sequence to learn how to host a website without any technical skills.

How hosting a website works?


How hosting a website works?


Hosting a website consists of placing all the files, which are required for a website to work, on a special computer called a server .

This server will allow the information contained in these files and intended to be viewed publicly, to be accessed by all visitors to our website through the Internet.

Users will be able to see what the servers, through specially installed software, allow them to see. This special software is called a web server.

The web server is dedicated to receiving requests for entry to a website and responding by sending the page or element requested (video, audio, document, etc.) by the visitor through their browser.

We will also see how some parallel structures work to help us understand the different ways of hosting a website.

Although all of the above may sound like technical jargon, it certainly is.

Despite this, it is not necessary for us to learn any of the above to host our website, but it is something that is worth knowing. There are countless companies that offer this service at a fairly low cost.

All websites on the Internet are required to be hosted on servers, either in contracted hosting companies or on their own servers. Big companies like Netflix and PayPal have their sites hosted on Amazon and Google Cloud servers, respectively.

Only a small group of companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google host their web pages on their own servers. They do so because they have the technical and financial resources that allow them to take on such a formidable task.

What are the basic requirements of hosting a website?

What are the basic requirements of hosting a website?



Basically, only two things are required to host a website:

A domain name

A web hosting service provider

Companies that provide web hosting services have servers prepared to host our website. They are able to technically manage our site. In addition, they must have available tools designed so that we can manage our accommodation ourselves.

How do users get to our self-hosted website?

It is in this space where domain names come in.

A domain name is something as simple as the address that we all have to place in the URL bar ( Uniform Resource Locator ) of our browser, in order to access a specific website. For example, help hosting. online will bring us to this website.

In more or less plain terms, if our website were a house, then the domain name would be the address of that house.

In technical terms, a domain name is a set of characters designed by humans to link users' browsers to the server that hosts the website associated with that domain name.

Types of hosting services for websites

There are different types of websites. Some are small with low traffic and others are large with lots of traffic, content, and visitors.

Depending on the size of the site, it will require more or less resources. A large or high-traffic website will need a lot of resources in order to function efficiently.

Website hosting companies have hosting offers designed to meet the needs of each website. These are some of those services already cataloged in general:

1. Shared hosting

Shared hosting is best suited for small websites, small businesses just starting out, and blogs.

Your costs are low since this type of hosting allows multiple websites to share the same resources on one server.

2. VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server or Virtual Private Server)

Although a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is also a shared server, it has the particularity that it offers a flexible amount of resources dedicated to managing large spikes in traffic.

In this type of hosting we can obtain a private partition on the server for our website, which we can manage from our hosting control panel. The advantage of this modality is that we can obtain low-cost shared hosting with dedicated resources in a flexible way.

3. WordPress Managed Hosting

This is a specialized, WordPress managed hosting service for WordPress based websites. It is equivalent to saying that it is a concierge service for our WordPress site. It is suitable for highly visited blogs and business websites.

In this type of managed hosting platform, the hosting company takes care of updates, backups and caching of our website. This system allows us to spend more time creating content and growing our business.

4. Dedicated hosting

As its name indicates, dedicated hosting is one that offers a server dedicated exclusively to our website.

This type of hosting provides us with all the resources available on our server, advanced tools for server administration, the ability to install our own software or operating system.

Being able to manage our own server may require some technical skills. This is an advanced option dedicated to high-traffic, high-performance websites.

It is suitable for large companies, high-traffic websites, e-commerce stores, etc.

How to choose the right hosting plan for our website?

As we can see, each hosting plan brings with it different server configurations and different prices. We will have to choose the right hosting plan capable of adapting to our needs and budget.

It is recommended to start with a shared hosting plan because it is low cost and then upgrade as our business grows. This strategy allows us to save money by paying only for the services that we really need.

Once we have signed up for a hosting account, the next thing is to create our website.

How much hosting a website cost?

How much hosting a website cost


So far we have covered the costs of website hosting companies. However, the costs of hosting a website can vary depending on several factors.

The first factor is the hosting plan we choose. We recommend starting with small shared hosting plans and then upgrading as your business and website grow.

Once we start building our website, we may need to spend money on other things like website templates, software extensions, and other services.

Our goal would be to only buy what we really need and use free tools whenever we can.

How  hosting a website on our computer?

Is it possible  hosting a website on our computer? If it's posible.

However, the main reason why we should hosting our website on our computer is to test the website locally before publishing it on the Internet.

It is useful to learn how to develop a WordPress website and its coding when we install a local server on our computer.

We do not recommend using a local server to host our website and make it publicly available.

Some questions about website hosting

In order to answer some questions that some users frequently ask, we will show some of them with their answers below.

Why do I need a hosting provider for my website?

Web hosting service companies specialize in maintaining platforms for website support. They have the required, dedicated and specialized staff like system engineers and administrators who continuously monitor the servers 24/7.

This allows us to focus on our website and not have to deal with server software.

Can I buy a domain name and hosting from two different companies?

Yes, we can buy them separately. However, if we buy them from the same company we can manage them in the same hosting panel. Some providers offer a free domain to encourage the use of their hosting services.

Can I purchase a domain name and host my website later?

Of course, it is possible. However, the domain will not point to our website until it exists as a site hosted by a hosting provider. It would be like having the address of a virtual house that doesn't exist until we build it.

Can I host a website with one provider and then switch to another provider?

Yes, we can move our website to any other hosting provider at any time.

Where do I host my WordPress website?

There are many hosting companies, that is why it is somewhat difficult to make the decision of which one to host our WordPress website.

It is always advisable to consider the experience and tools offered by that hosting service provider to whom we are going to entrust the hosting.

For beginners, I recommend a company that automatically installs WordPress, offers an administration panel, integrated caching and security, among other options.

We recommend being careful with those companies that offer free hosting, they are very few but they do exist.

We hope that this simple guide on how to host a website has been useful to you. You can also consult in Help Hosting other guides and articles that will help you manage your website once you have hosted your blog or business on the web .


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