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Singer Karol G Falls Down Stairs During Miami Concert - Watch Her Climb Back Up!

Singer Karol G Falls Down Stairs During Miami Concert - Watch Her Climb Back Up!


Singer Karol G Falls Down Stairs During Miami Concert ,karol g instagram  , karol g and anuel aa,   karol g tattoos

Karol G suffered a fall during a concert in Miami on Friday.

While trying to get off the stage, Karol G, 30, spilled down a flight of stairs during her performance of “Now I'm Calling” in front of a sold-out crowd at FTX Arena, according to a video taken by numerous concert goers and posted on TikTok.

After the fall, the Latin Grammy-winning singer remained on her hands and knees at the foot of the stairs for a few seconds before one of her backup dancers helped her to her feet and she continued her performance.

One TikToker wrote: “It's so sweet I feel so bad, it's a queen #karolg #bichotatour #fyp”, while another concert attendee commented: “It seemed fine, she cried a little and I posted about it, but overall it he killed 😏”.

Singer Karol G Falls Down Stairs During Miami Concert ,karol g instagram  , karol g and anuel aa,   karol g tattoos


5 Things to Love About Karol G, Latin Music's New It Girl

If you are Latino and you are not already under Karol G’s spell, it’s time to experience the reggaetonera magic. The stunning Colombian singer (aka Carolina Giraldo Navarro), 27, who made her mark with songs like “Ahora Me Llama” and “Mi Mala,” released her first solo album Unstoppable in October 2017 with Universal Music Latin. Here are 5 reasons to check her out.

1. She’s all about female empowerment. Her goal as a songwriter, she says, is to put out inspiring vibes. “I want women to know that it’s possible — that women have the talent, the attitude and the drive,” she tells our reporter. The music video “Mi Mala” — that she recorded with Venezuelan duo Mau and Ricky, Becky G, Lali Espósito and Leslie Grace — shows her fierce urban style at its best.

2. She is not afraid to break the mold. She became one of few Latin women to venture into the male-dominated trap genre for her collaboration with Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny on the video “Ahora me llama.” “Women loved the song because it talks about a woman with a confident attitude. It’s been the most successful song of my career. Before I met Bad Bunny, I had this image of him from his lyrics and songs, and I met a very cultured and nice man that I could have deep conversations with,” she says. “I would love to do another project with him.”

Singer Karol G Falls Down Stairs During Miami Concert ,karol g instagram  , karol g and anuel aa,   karol g tattoos

3. She has a positive outlook. “We see leaders in social media starting fights. I’m on the other team who likes to inspire, to leave a positive message,” she says. Her caption to the photo below, shared on Instagram on Jan. 23, reads: “Life is beautiful. The problem is that many confuse beautiful with easy. Add color and attitude to your life.”

4. She celebrates the success of her friends. Although rumors of a romance with J Balvin emerged, Karol G assures they are just great friends and she applauds his triumphs. “We hope to record something together,” she says. “We have been talking about it for about 2 years. We are like brother and sister, and I’m sure the day we collaborate it will be very powerful. I’m sure it will be magical and record-breaking, but we are friends before anything else.”

5. She exudes sensuality. With her tattoos, killer curves, colorful outfits and exuberant hair (that could be dyed pink, green or braided, depending on her mood), the artist rocks a singular style all her own.

A representative for Karol G did not immediately respond to reporter's request for comment.

The extent of his injuries is currently unknown, but our reports that he suffered broken nails and a knee injury.

In October, the Colombian star opened up to reporter about her association with Smirnoff on the Para la gente campaign and how she is reclaiming her space as a Latin reggaeton artist.

“As a Latina, I think that all Latinos, we just have something inside that makes us very hardworking,” Karol G said at the time. "We look [for] opportunity in places where there is no opportunity."

Meanwhile, the “Tusa” singer explained that in the Latino community, women continually work to reclaim their space and the respect of others, and she is proud to be part of that movement as one of the few Latina women in a genre. dominated by men. .

“We are working for our spaces at the moment. But we are here. And now we have that respect. People know us [and] "Get to know our history," shared Karol G. "I'm very happy to represent that part, to inspire people if I can, that's the most important thing."

The singer's Bichota Tour began on October 27 in Denver. Karol G's next stop is in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Saturday.

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