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Lucía Rivera debuts the fringe that favors both fine and thick hair

Lucía Rivera debuts the fringe that favors both fine and thick hair


Lucía Rivera

The model has starred in an express change of look in Parisian style

The fringe has won the position of the 2021 cut, backed by the number of celebrities who have chosen it so far this year: Hiba Abouk premiered in January a parade that has grown over the months until reaching the version more comfortable and versatile ; Sara Carbonero has shown that the lopsided look is the best option for indecisive women ; and Blanca Romero and Lucía Rivera gave an example of how to shape it so that it adapts to curly or straight hair. As a new trend in the face of the cold season, Rivera once again becomes a pioneer of the trend of the moment with the express transformation that he has just revealed in his networks and we anticipate that it has the power to favor all types of hair. 

Lucía RiveraLucía Rivera

The French fringe that suits everyone

With this image that she has published on her networks, Lucía Rivera reveals to her fans a change of look in which she has replaced the subtle fringe she wore in the morning to dare with the one known as French bang at night: a French-style cut of which the experts highlight its versatility. "It is the one that is above the eyebrows and is slightly paraded and open. It is one of the most versatile and its main advantage is that it is compatible with any type of hair , be it fine, thick, straight or curly", explains the director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez ". 

Its power to bring out the best in each hair, whatever its thickness, is not the only property of a fringe that also favors a wide variety of physiognomies: "It is perfect for round faces, but also for square ones . excessively elongated face ", Eduardo Sánchez warns about the cut that pronounces the versatility of the features. Despite all its benefits, Lucía has revealed that her new look has been possible thanks to an Extension-mania hairpiece, a removable solution for those who want to see how the cut of the moment would be just for a few hours. 

Lucía Rivera

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The layers that enhance the features

As much as the French fringe looks great on her , her royal cut is these layers strategically designed to stylize the features , a look that is also up-to-date and that hairdressers talk about like this: "We can frame and highlight the face by playing with the lengths of the layers. The shortest for small faces, to hide wide foreheads or highlight the cheekbones. The longest for square and round or to take weight off the hair ", points out Manuel Mon, from Manuel Mon Estilistas. Finally, the specialist also reveals the technique that clears the features: "If we want to create a feeling of spaciousness in the face, we will mark them far back". 

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