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5 Recipes To Lower Cholesterol

 5 Recipes To Lower Cholesterol

Recipes To Lower Cholesterol



You have to lower your cholesterol and you don't know what to cook to achieve it, but with these recipes to lower cholesterol everything will be much more bearable.

You just had some post-holiday tests and, as you already suspected, your cholesterol has skyrocketed. The doctor has advised you that you should take care of yourself. You already knew that, that's why you have gone to the doctor, to guide you in the changes. They give you a list of things you cannot eat and another list of things you can. It seems very easy, things that cannot be taken and eaten are automatically removed from the shopping list.

But, when you start to think of recipes with the things that you can eat, you realize that each of those foods that you can, you are used to cooking with three or four of those that you cannot now. Don't worry, it's nothing strange, in fact, if it wasn't, your cholesterol wouldn't have risen. And now, do not despair, keep reading and write down the recipes that we give you, with ingredients from the good list and to lick your fingers.

In the brand new piece of paper that the doctor has given you, it says that you should eat legumes , and several times a week.  The good news is that there are also very healthy recipes with legumes that are to die for.

1.Avocado Hummus

If you hurry me a bit, you can even eat legumes with toast for breakfast, because hummus, thanks to legumes and good fats that help eliminate “bad” cholesterol and raise “good” cholesterol, is not only the best alternative to anything commercial that they sell us to spread on bread (patés, cream cheese, margarines, dipping sauces ...), but it is almost a medicine for cholesterol, like this avocado hummus .

Recipes To Lower Cholesterol

2.Lentil Hummus

Practically any legume is suitable to prepare a delicious hummus that we can use as a spread with bread or with vegetable crudités, and almost all of them can be given a touch to the taste of each one, that if with avocado that if with peppers or with beets, we can make hummus in tons of colors and flavors, perfect for throwing a party in no time. Go ahead with the lentil hummus .

Recipes To Lower Cholesterol

3.Lentils With Vegetables At CrockPot

The vegetable and bean stews at CrockPot are another story. If you don't have one yet, it is possible that when you try it it will become your best ally to help you eat healthier and keep cholesterol at bay. And when you prepare these lentils with vegetables , she will become your best friend.

Recipes To Lower Cholesterol

4.Lentil Salad With Bonito

Not all legumes should be eaten in stew, nor do they always have to be accompanied by hypermegacaloric foods. Another proof of this is this delicious lentil salad with bonito , perfect for when the cold goes away.

5.White Beans With Clams

Not only is it a scrumptious white bean and clam recipe, but it's a holiday hit recipe. A highly recommended recipe not only if you suffer from high cholesterol, but if you are one of those people who think that they don't like legumes because you only eat them in fabada.

Very beneficial Foods rich in (Omega3) fatty acids such as avocado or salmon are also the best allies when it comes to lowering cholesterol.

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