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Lara Álvarez's most intrepid summer comes to an end with a new project

Lara Álvarez's most intrepid summer comes to an end with a new project


Lara Álvarez, Lara Álvarez instagram

The presenter is already rushing her last days in Iceland before getting in front of the cameras

Lara Álvarez is rushing through the last days of what has been one of her “wildest” summers. After closing the seventh edition of Survivors on July 23 , the presenter packed her bags and changed her bikini for her coat to set off on one of her most dreamed trips, Iceland, where she has been able to unleash her most adventurous spirit. 

Without a known partner at the moment, after breaking up with the Malaga artist Adrián Torres, whose relationship was never confirmed and after confessing in a live show with his followers that "nothing happens because she is 34 years old and does not have a boyfriend", Lara landed on the land of ice and fire with a very special companion, his brother Bosco, with whom he had appeared for years that he had pending this getaway. 

Lara Álvarez,Lara Álvarez instagram


Together they have traveled some of the most impressive corners of the island country , such as the Vatnajökull glacier, the second largest in Europe, the Godafoss waterfall, popularly known as the “Waterfall of the Gods” or the Fagradalsfjall volcano, which erupted. last March and, since then, it has not stopped expelling lava and gases through a fissure that is about 500 meters long. 

However, this adventure will soon come to an end. Meadiaset Spain has just confirmed that Lara Álvarez will be part of the team of presenters of Secret Story. The house of secrets , a reality show that will star a series of famous contestants who will live together 24 hours a day under the watchful eye of the cameras with the main objective of keeping their secret hidden from the rest of their classmates. The presenter will be in charge of conducting the access prime time programs, which will also feature Jorge Javier Vázquez, Carlos Sobera and Jordi González at the head of the rest of the spaces that will address the highlights of the coexistence.

Lara Álvarez,Lara Álvarez instagram


Lucía Pariente, mother of Alba Carrillo; the bullfighter José Antonio Canales Rivera; and Luca Onestini brother Gianmarco Onestini winning time discount  and finalists Survivors 2021  are the first three contestants confirmed 'Secret Story. The House of Secrets', whose release date has not yet been revealed. 

In this way, Lara will enjoy a summer a little shorter this year than she was used to, since on other occasions her television projects have been somewhat more widely spaced, giving her the opportunity to make some more getaways and allowing her to spend a few days of rest and total disconnection in his native Asturias.

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