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How To Conceive A Boy

How To Conceive A Boy

How to conceive a boy

How to conceive a boy is the goal of every married couple.  It is the will of God who gave knowledge to human beings to think about it.Today I shall explain about how to conceive a boy.

For the baby to be a boy, the sperm that must be able to fertilize the egg is the one that carries the Y chromosomal load, to unite with the egg that is always X, and result in the XY chromosomal pair characteristic of the male gender.

Conception Moment

Y-charged sperm are faster, smaller, and more numerous. They approached near the ovule earlier but live no time and require an alkaline medium.

Mating should take place at the time closest to ovulation to take advantage of that higher speed and concentration of Y sperm.

To know the moment of ovulation you can use different methods that we have already explained in Babies and more, so I will not elaborate.

These are the Sintothermic methods , in which the temperature of the woman is controlled on a daily basis until a temperature peak is observed that is equivalent to the day of ovulation (and to do it two or three months before the search for the girl to know the cycles and anticipating ovulation), and Billings, in which cervical mucus is assessed, which varies according to the time of the cycle.

It can also be assessed by ovulation tests . The recommendation is to use at least two methods at the same time to ensure as much as possible the day of ovulation.


How to conceive a boy


Y-charged sperm, as I have already mentioned, need an alkaline medium to function properly. To ensure that the environment in which sperm and ovum are found is alkaline, the woman should control her diet for at least three months before conception.

The foods that favor this environment and therefore help the fertilized baby to become a boy are those rich in sodium and potassium. On the contrary, those rich in Calcium and Magnesium favor the fertilization of girls.

The diet to get a male child should be based on:

Fresh fruits (one or two a day and especially banana).

Paratas (several days).

Legumes every week.

Salt at meals.

Green or black olives.

Mushrooms and mushrooms.

Meat or fish frequently.


Coffee, tea.

Carbonated or alcoholic drinks.

Packaged, canned or industrial foods.

And avoid consuming (or eating very few) foods rich in Calcium and Magnesium:

Milk and derivatives.

Leafy vegetables.

Cabbage, cabbage, carrot, onion.

Eggs (limit them).


Ice creams.

Cake shop.


The above mentioned diets can be more helpful for you and tell you how to conceive a boy.  This is not a myth but possible with the will of God. So every goal demands a special attention. If we want to achieve something we should focus on our goal and work hard.

How to conceive a boy

If you carry it out, keep in mind that there is only one chance and that the method is not 100% reliable, that is, it is possible that your next child will be a girl despite following these indications (although the author speaks of a reliability close to 98%, if everything is done according to the commented guidelines).

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