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Can You Lose Weight By Walking? Hidden Secret

Can You Lose Weight  By Walking?Hidden Secret.


Can You Lose weight by Walking?


Can you lose weight by walking? is  big question and every body wants to know. My answer is yes. A personal trainer and a nutritionist point out that you can lose weight, but with some nuances that we reveal to you in this article.

If you are in full bikini operation and you are one of those who have a hard time going through the gym, walking can be your great ally to lose weight , yes, with some nuances. Our website has spoken with a personal trainer and a nutritionist to find out if the rumors that have spread in recent weeks are true that walking makes you lose more weight than jogging or going to the gym.

Can you lose weight by walking


Personal trainer Pat Perpinyà explains that this type of exercise can help you lose those extra pounds, especially in people who lead sedentary lives. Walking is a mild  exercise and to notice impressive results you have to practice at least one hour a day and watch your diet," he says.

Alternate Walking With Aerobic Exercises

The expert adds that it is important to take into account the intensity with which you work to lose fat, since walking is not the same as walking quickly. However, Perpinyà recommends alternating walking with another type of exercise to work the muscles of the body. “The ideal activity is to do an work that you can move and do workout your whole body. Walking is very healthy activity but it is not feasible to exercise arms, back… ”, he explains.

For people who are not great sports lovers, the professional advises practicing fitness disciplines such as aerobics, zumba or TBC to achieve better results. The key point is that you have to give different boost to the body , the more the merrier. For me, the ideal is to exercise one hour a day, combine exercises of different intensity, and take care of your diet. By following these guidelines, always advised by experts, great results can be achieved ”, he points out.

Can you lose weight by walking

Avoid the Yo-Yo Effect

Cristina Lobaco , specialist in sports nutrition and member of the College of Nutritionists of Catalonia, affirms that a person who starts to walk and takes care of his diet can lose 2 kilos . But let's not get excited, as the weight lost can be quickly regained, and even doubled, when you stop playing sports, which is known as the yo-yo effect. If you require 2,000 calories per day, you meal and spend more than what you have eaten, initially you lose weight; but later the body balances itself , regulates this wear and tear and maintains the weight. Diets work but if they are stopped and sports are not practiced, the dreaded yo-yo effect will appear ”, explains Lobaco.

For this reason, the nutritionist recommends putting yourself in the hands of specialists when it comes to diet, since experts not only indicate what to eat, but also what sport that person should practice. Meal has great importance, especially if you wish to lose weight. I advise my patients to run, but many find it difficult, so I tell them to walk for at least 20 minutes a day. Following a proper diet and practicing sports, the results begin to be seen after three months ”, he points out.

"People want results without hardly moving" and keep in their mind a big question,"Can Lose Weight By Walking?"

The nutritionist does not hesitate to affirm that "we live in a society of effortlessness, this is where we have the problem because people want results without hardly moving." According to different expert, "an ideal activity is to make practice sports 3/4 days per week and more  time when obesity and diabetes are an epidemic ." For this reason, Lobaco invites all of us to make more efforts when exercising. “It is important to practice any activity. Walking, cycling, taking the stairs instead of using the elevator… It all helps to improve our metabolism, ”he says.


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