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7-Weight Loss Meal Prep Ideas

7-Weight Loss Meal Prep Ideas

7-Weight Loss Meal Prep Ideas

If you are looking to lose weight or stay in shape by eating healthy and balanced, do not miss this post: we are going to give you 7-Weight Loss Meal Prep Ideas, and also the secrets you have to keep in mind to prepare  light and healthy dinners .

In addition to giving you  recipes for dinner , we are going to talk about the importance of dinner in a healthy diet, how it has to be composed from a nutritional point of view, and the tricks to make  healthy dinners but at the same time tasty and easy to prepare.

7-Weight Loss Meal Prep Ideas

The secrets of a light and balanced dinner

Being on a diet  does not mean skipping meals or impoverishing your diet. Eating 5 times a day (breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack, dinner) helps you keep your energy level stable, so you don't get to any of your meals "starving."

Dinner should represent 20-30% of the daily energy intake , so in a diet of about 1,500 Kcal, dinner would have to provide between 300 and 450 Kcal.

Carbohydrates at night, do you get fat? The answer is no and there are scientific studies that show it:  complex carbohydrates are essential in any healthy and balanced diet, because they provide us with the necessary energy for all our bodily functions. What is important is to avoid refined flours and ultra-processed foods to replace them with whole wheat flours and, of course, balance food consumption with our daily energy expenditure.

How should a balanced dinner be composed? Our Mediterranean diet is perfect because it is balanced: it always combines complex carbohydrates (cereals, legumes, tubers), vegetables, and some protein, both animals (meats, fish, eggs) and vegetables ( tofu , legumes, etc.). In what proportions? We are going to turn to the method called "the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate." The famous university devised this system, which is a visual guide that allows us to understand how much space each food should occupy on our plate.

Dessert. Eating something sweet at the end of dinner is a pleasure that you do not have to deprive yourself of: a piece of fruit or a skimmed yogurt are the ideal dessert to keep in shape.

It is important to use cooking methods that require little or no oil: steamed, en papillote, grilled, etc.

7-Weight Loss Meal Prep Ideas

7-Weight Loss Meal Prep Ideas


Now that we've seen the basic secrets of  healthy dinners , let's take a look at our week-long menu of  easy and healthy dinners . You just have to click on each dish to see the recipe.

Day 1: Grilled hake

Spinach salad

Grilled hake

1 fruit

Day 2: Lentil salad

Lentil Salad

Zucchini Omelet

1 fruit or skimmed yogurt

Day 3:  Shredded meat


Baked Vegetables

Banana ice cream

Day 4:  Grilled cuttlefish

Avocado salad

Grilled cuttlefish

1 fruit or skimmed yogurt

Day 5:  Ratatouille


Hake in Papillote

1 fruit or skimmed yogurt

Day 6: Pasta salad

Wholegrain pasta salad with zucchini, tuna and lemon

1 fruit or skimmed yogurt

Day 7: Mussels and tabouleh

Steamed mussels

Tabouleh salad

1 fruit or skimmed yogurt

7-Weight Loss Meal Prep Ideas


Satisfied? Remember that on our website you will find many more recipes that you can use to expand the dinner menu  to lose weight  or replace something you do not like, such as these  fitness recipes  or these detox shakes to lose weight.You just have to remember that a balanced diet should include 2 or 3 weekly servings of fish and legumes, vegetables, vegetables daily, and complex carbohydrates . In addition, doing physical exercise is as important as eating to keep us healthy and fit.


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