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Lose weight is the universal problem common in men and women.  Every body wants to lose weight with exercises quickly. If you are one of those who do not like to do sports outdoors and have an allergy to gyms and thinks that lose weight exercises can only be taken at gym ... this is your post. We are going to teach you the ten best exercises to lose weight at home, without leaving your living room. 

Exercises to Lose Weight at home.

If you really have a few extra pounds and you want to lose weight with exercises, you know that diet alone is not enough. Exercising regularly is half the way to achieving your ideal weight (we are not talking about losing 10 kilos in a month , but about doing it well). And you should always follow the instructions of your doctor or nutritionist . You already know the outdoor routine . Today they play exercises at home. If you are  worried about how to do lose weight exercise.  We have top 10 best lose weight exercises for our readers. 

Preparation. Aerobic or cardio exercises at home.

Remove furniture and rugs that you can slip on. Dress for exercise (pajamas won't do 😉) and start with a gentle warm-up . For example walk on the site or put on your favorite song and dance freely. It's about getting warm. Take advantage of the movement to stretch the neck, arms, back and warm up the joints (knee, ankles ...).

 If you want to know about the quick lose weight exercises. We have exercises for buttocks at home, exercises for legs at home and we are going to teach you how to do sit-ups at home.

Home training.

1.Deep squats . As you already know them, we are going to increase the difficulty for them.

Legs slightly apart. Looking straight ahead, shoulders back, and abs tight. Bend your knees as much as possible. The knees do not go further the tips of the feet. In that position: throw your right leg to the side and pick up. 8 times. Repeat with the left leg. Now 4 and 4. Followed 2 and 2. Now 1 and 1, followed, until counting 16. You are still in the same position. Hold! . Again 2 and 2. 4 and 4. 8 and 8.

lose weight exercises

2.Stride . Forward, taking a big step and bending the knee. Arms akimbo so you don't lose your balance. You work joint flexibility . Two sets of 15.

lose weight exercises

3.Side lunges . From the squat position. Bring the weight of the body towards the leg that is detached. Two series of 15.

lose weight exercises

4.Bicycle abs . Face up. Bend your knees and rotate as you pedal. Modify the angle from vertical to almost touching the ground. three sets of 50.

lose weight exercises

5.Oblique crunch . Face up. Cross your right leg over your left so that your top knee rests on the ground. The right hand on the nape. Take your shoulders off the ground as if you were doing a classic crunch, exhaling and lowering as you breathe in without actually resting on the ground.  With speed, do Three sets of 20 with each leg

lose weight exercises

6. Glute kick . On all fours. Kick back with one leg. Keep your back straight, not curved, and look straight ahead. Three sets of 50. Without resting, stretch the same leg so that it is in line with your back. Bend your knee and pull your foot toward the ceiling. Three sets of 20.

lose weight exercises

7.Plank . Forearms resting on the ground and straight body like a board. You support the balls of your feet. Looking ahead. Hold for 30 seconds.

lose weight exercises

8.Push-ups . Face down, arms outstretched, shoulder width apart and palms on the floor. The straight and firm body. You support the balls of your feet. Bend your elbows to lower your body to ground level without supporting yourself. Go back up.

Do you know the challenge of push-ups with the song Bring Sally Up ? The rhythm and lyrics of the song tell you when to go down and when to go up. Try it!

lose weight exercises

9.Triceps with chair . Stand between two stable chairs. Your ankles rest on one and you support your hands on the other with your arms outstretched. Bend your elbows and drop your buttocks towards the floor without supporting yourself. Three sets of 10.

lose weight exercises

10.Pelvis . Face should be up, knees bent. Put a ball or cushion between your knees. Raise the pelvis, squeeze the cushion and raise and lower the pelvis without loosening and without touching the floor. Three sets of 50.

lose weight exercises

Take 5 more minutes to stretch your entire body well and drink a glass of water. Like new!

Repeat this routine 3 times a week, accompany it with a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and forget about sweets, fat and alcohol for a while.


Best Tips for Lose Weight With Exercises

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