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How to Grow Instagram Followers:Top 9 Tactics to target Instagram Audience| Grow small business on Instagram|How to gain an Audience on Instagram.

How to Grow Instagram Followers:Top 9 Tactics to target Instagram Audience| Grow small business on Instagram|How to gain an Audience on Instagram.

How to Grow Instagram Followers:Top 9 Tactics to target Instagram Audience| Grow small business on Instagram|How to gain an Audience on Instagram.

You spend hours editing and creating Instagram content to grow Instagram followers. Moments after the "Share" hit, it's all right with the world. You're sure you've published something good and best for gaining an audience on Instagram.

After that, the silence on the radio. Or a few likes and comments from a few of your followers. But how do you get more audience/followers on Instagram if not by publishing right content?

There is no step-by-step guide for Instagram growth. But there are good habits that will help you reach a wider audience and win new fans.

Here are top 9 ways/tactics to get more followers on Instagram.

1. Prepare your history

Make full use of those 150 characters. Your Instagram Account bio describes potential followers who you are, what you are about, and what action you hope people will take after visiting your profile.

Your Instagram history should include:

A  vivid and loud clear description of what you are doing

The touch of your personality

Call to action (shop, learn more, contact us, etc.)


Your in-bio link is your only link to click on Instagram, so use it wisely. Some businesses add a standard link to their website, while others constantly change to show recent posts. But if you want to make it easier for yourself, use linking tools like Shop Grid that allow you to convert one link into a catalog of links.

Consider including a branded hashtag as well. For instance, we give encouragement to our fans to use #BufferLove when talking about our imporant products. Adding a branded hashtag to our bio tells people what a hashtag I can include to get our attention. Also, when anyone taps on the hashtag, you'll see posts from fans who have used them.

How to Grow Instagram Followers:Top 9 Tactics to target Instagram Audience| Grow small business on Instagram|How to gain an Audience on Instagram.

2.Get your best time to post on Instagram

Notice how we didn’t say we had a great time writing on Instagram? The truth is, there is no universal answer to when you can post to Instagram to reach the highest number of people. But there are ways to find the right times for your fans.

First, use Instagram Insights to find out when your audience is online. Tap the "Details" button from your Instagram business profile, scroll to "Your Audience," and then tap "See All." From there, scroll down to find out the most effective times for your audience.

You should also consider when your content will be most effective. For example, a step-by-step recipe video can do better outside of working hours because people are more likely to cook. On the other hand, deliveries to the coffee shop can do well at 2 p.m. when people pass the late fall. Experiment with different posting times and follow up on engagement.

If you want more guidance on when to post, Buffer feedback feature gives you three submission time suggestions to increase your access to Instagram.


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3. Post consistently

A 2021 survey of 14 industries gives a picture that businesses share 4 Instagram posts per week, on average. But we recommend shipping at least once a day. Brands who go into regular flow with an Instagram post tend to see excellent results. According to a Tailwind survey, daily posting profiles get Instagram followers faster than low-profile ones. With latest Instagram's algorithmic timeline, consistency is a important factor in making your posts visible to grow on Instagram. If your posts are regularly shared and take positive engagement, the Instagram algorithm is likely to show your post near the top of your fan feed.

How to Grow Instagram Followers:Top 9 Tactics to target Instagram Audience| Grow small business on Instagram|How to gain an Audience on Instagram.

After all, quality is always more important than value. Posting often does not mean that it translates to higher levels of engagement. Just concentrate  on creating best content that will resonate with your target audience - more on that in section 9: Engage with your audience.

Instagram editing tools allow you to post consistently without having to worry about posting directly from the app every day.

4. Learn how the  Latest Instagram algorithm works

Many Instagram users initially panicked about the change from the timed feed to the calculated timeline. However, since the change, the standard post is seen by 50% more followers than before. So,not to think about learning how to beat/cheat  the latest Instagram algorithm. Instead, focus on learning how to use the program to your advantage.

There are six factors that determine what you see in each person’s timeline: interest, time, relationships, frequency, tracking, and usage.

Here's a quick rundown of where each of these features goes:

Interest: How much does Instagram think someone would like a post based on a previous activity

Timing: What just happened recently happened

Relationships: Accounts that a person shares regularly

Frequency: How often does someone use the Instagram app

Next: Posts from the following personal accounts

Usage: The time a person spends on Instagram

The  latest Instagram algorithm aims to produce the best content for each user. So, while six different things may seem like a great concern, the best thing you can do is to create consistently high quality content.

5. Experiment with different types of content

Instagram is so much more than photos. Over the many years, the application has introduced many methods to share content on the platform. Combining you with different types of content is one of the best ways to gain more followers on Instagram because it gives you the opportunity to reach and connect with more people.

Remember: The algorithm detects interest and tries to show people the types of content they interact with most. So, if one person likes and comments on Instagram Reels more often than other types of posts, they may have seen more Reels in their Instagram feed. However, if someone frequently encounters a carousel post, they will see more of that content in their timeline.

Each type of content has advantages. For example, Instagram Reels is limited because it is not a brand new content and Instagram is always pushing new features. Since the launch of Instagram Reels in 2020, the app has removed the Reels button in the center of the menu bar and makes Reels look bigger than the photo post on the Test page.

6. Search your brand voice and important creation of unique content

People are not following your business on social media to be able to see sales pitches. They follow your product because they enjoy your personality and creative content.

What works for one business may not be compatible with your product - even if you are in the same industry. For instance, Juggling Daisies Hobby Farm(JDHF) and Such and Such Farm both consider themselves separate farms. Juggling Daises is all about great news, great graphics, and great content. At the moment, such and such a farm has a very shoulder-to-shoulder style that combines swear words and jokes.

7. Write beautiful captions

Beautiful photos attract people's attention - beautiful Instagram captions saved. Captions give you the opportunity to provide more content or information about a photo or video you share. Also, using keywords in captions can help you appear in search results in the app.

Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters. Of course, not all captions need to be read as blog posts. Play around with different lengths. Some images are well matched with short captions, with a few titles and emoji, while others may benefit from something longer and more expressive.

The average length of Instagram captions is rising, but most brands are nowhere near that 2,200 character limit. By 2020, the average was estimated to be 405 characters, up from 142 in 2016.

8. Research and use hashtags

We have reviewed the most Instagram hashtags on the blog, but there seems to be no place on social media as important as Instagram. The best and accurate use of hashtags can show your image to more and more selected audience/viewers, and Instagram users who don’t seem to experience hashtag fatigue in the same way they might find on other networks.

Start by finding hashtags that can attract your audience. Free Instagram tools like display objectives and Auto Hash help you find relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts. For example, for display purposes, simply type a few words into your image, and we will recommend the top hashtags you can use.

9. Connect with your audience

Involvement is important for growth on Instagram. Many brands make the faults of focusing on likes and comments without looking at the people who follow those metrics. If you really want to get more Instagram followers, you need to engage your followers in the discussion.

Keep in mind that just because someone sees your content, does not mean that you are currently following it. If you have a chance to connect with someone who can be a fan, you should take it. Every comment is an opportunity to find a new follower (or save an existing one), so be sure to reply to each comment you receive. If your hands are already cluttered with the thought of hitting your phone, don't worry. With the Buffer Engage tool, you can answer to comments from your desktop to your audience.


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