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How to find Cheapest Best Car Insurance?

How to find Cheapest  Best Car Insurance? 

Cheapest Best car insurance on the market


The first thing to be clear about is what insurance is needed since depending on this the amount will vary a lot. There are currently four types in the Spanish market: Third Parties , Extended Third Parties, All Risk and All Risk with franchise . The level of protection between them varies a lot and the prices, too. Therefore, it is important to assess which are the essential coverages so that, in the event of a claim, there are no surprises.

To third parties: the cheapest

It is a policy intended to cover damages caused to third parties in an accident in which the insured car is responsible. It is the most basic insurance that includes among its coverage the Compulsory and Voluntary Civil Liability, the Legal Defense and a coverage of those deteriorations that the insured may suffer.

Extended third parties: cheap, but with more guarantees

It includes the same coverage as the Third Party insurance, although in this case it is complemented by other attractive guarantees for the user. These are usually the protection of damages produced in the windows of the vehicle, as well as those caused by the car fire, in addition to the case of car theft.

All risk: the most complete


This policy includes all the coverages offered by the two previous ones and adds the own damages, that is, all those that occur in the insured's vehicle and that have been caused by their fault. It is the most complete way to have the vehicle protected, but also the most expensive.

All risk with franchise: complete and inexpensive
It is practically identical to the previous one, but with the difference that it includes a franchise that is borne by the insured and that is applied to the coverage of own damages.

Once it has been decided which policy is the best to hire, the next step is to provide the car and driver data to the insurer so that it can carry out a preliminary study, which will serve as a reference to offer the budget. Therefore, it is possible that the same vehicle in the hands of a different driver has a different premium. They are very important data since the insurer has to evaluate the level of risk that runs insuring someone.

Cheapest car insurance August 2021


When you are looking for car insurance and you are looking for the best price, you have to take into account how it is calculated . Insurers take as a reference a series of variables such as the characteristics of the vehicle to be insured and the risk profile of the driver. We have carried out an analysis with the cheapest car insurance on the market, and for this we have used these two risk profiles:

Risk profile 1: 35-year-old man, with a license since 18. He is married but has no children and resides in Barcelona. As for the car, it is an Audi A1 1.0 TFSI Attraction S Tronic with 95 HP and three doors, which was bought in 2016, “sleeps” on the street and with which its owner travels approximately 15,000 kilometers a year.
Risk profile 2: 56-year-old man, with a license since the age of 18. He is married with three children and resides in Barcelona. As for the car, it is a Volskwagen Passat of 150 HP and five doors, which was bought in 2018, “sleeps” in its own garage and with which its owner travels approximately 15,000 kilometers a year.

Thus, if the owner of the Audi A1 chose third party insurance, the cheapest that he would find this August 2021 would be: Direct Insurance with a price of 151 euros , followed by Axa for 153 euros a year . For the profile whose car is a Volkswagen Passat, the best-positioned third-party insurance for its price are the Genesis  for 129 euros and the Regal for 212 euros .

As for the coverage, the truth is that they do not have great differences. And is that the four products only have the guarantees of mandatory civil liability, travel assistance and legal defense . These are simple and fairly simple products that cover the fair and necessary requirements of the regulations to be able to circulate.

In the case of wanting to opt for a policy that includes more coverage, but without having to pay a much higher amount, it is possible to choose an extended third party insurance. It basically consists of adding more guarantees to the basic third party, but without having full coverage as a full risk can offer.

Thus, for the first profile, the driver of an Audi A1, the cheapest option in this type of insurance is Direct Insurance, whose extended third-party policy costs 157 euros . Closely followed by  Axa  with a premium of 158 euros per year. Both policies include both mandatory civil liability, legal defense, coverage for theft and fire of the vehicle, travel assistance and personal injury insurance.

As for the second profile, the driver of the Volkswagen Passat, the cheapest options on the table are:  Genesis  at a cost of 134 euros per year and Direct Insurance for 135 . The differences between one policy and another are not very notable, since both have similar coverage, such as mandatory civil liability, fire and theft guarantee, travel assistance, personal injury insurance, as well as legal defense and fines.

When the full protection of the car and its occupants sought nothing better to choose a safe any risk . Something that, however, may not be within the reach of all pockets since depending on the risk profile of the insured, the cost of it can be quite high. For cases like this, nothing better than having an all-risk policy with a franchise. And it is that this modality includes the same coverage as one without excess , but with the advantage that the premium is cheaper because in the event of a claim, the insurance holder would have to assume a fixed part of the expenses derived from it.

Thus, for the driver of the Audi A1, the cheapest option is the all-risk policy with a Direct Seguros franchise for 190 euros per year, followed by the one offered by Axa, which costs 191 euros . For its part, the second profile could opt for the Genesis product  for a price of 161 euros or for the Regal, which stands at 162 euros per year.

In any case, these are four policies that include guarantees such as mandatory civil liability, windows, fire and theft, own damage, travel assistance, and in some cases they offer free choice of workshop and legal defense, among others.

Finally, we find the most complete modality: full risk insurance. A type of policy that includes all possible guarantees. Not only is it the policy with the most coverage, but it is also the most expensive of all the options. But how much more?

Well, for the driver of the Audi A1 the cheapest alternatives are those offered by Direct Seguros for € 593 and Axa for € 559   per year. For its part, for the driver of the Volkswagen Passat, the cheapest options are Qualitas, with an annual price of 469 euros, and Verti, with a premium of 486 euros. In all cases we are dealing with very complete products that guarantee the protection of damages to third parties and own damages, mandatory civil liability, free choice of workshop and travel assistance, among other coverages. 


What to keep in mind to save on  insurance

As we mentioned before, when you are looking for the cheapest online insurance, you have to take into account a series of variables that are taken as a reference to calculate the premium. These are two: the characteristics of the vehicle and the risk profile of the driver.

Vehicle characteristics that influence the price

The information and particularities of the vehicle are very important for insurers, so that the price will vary depending on both. These are the characteristics corresponding to the vehicle that companies take into account when setting premiums:

Make and model: Car insurance depends, to a large extent, on the value of the brand. Policies for expensive model cars cost more than those for cheaper vehicles. A luxury car costs much more to insure than a mid-range one.

Power: cheap cars tend to have little power so the probability of having a serious accident is lower. Hence, your insurance is cheap and vice versa.

Type of fuel:  Diesel, gasoline, hybrid, electric… there are many varieties that are found today in the market, and although it may seem unimportant, insurers do take it into account when calculating the budget.

Accessories and finish: extras increase the premium as the probability that an accessory will break down and have to be repaired increases. Cars that do not exceed 10,000 euros usually do not include many accessories or extras as standard so insuring them is not too expensive.

Seniority: this is a characteristic that can be taken into account as time goes by to choose a Third Party Insurance or a Comprehensive Insurance . The older the vehicle is, the more inadvisable an All Risk insurance is and the more recommendable a policy for Third Parties, this being the main reason when choosing between one or the other. This premise applies perfectly in cheap cars, while it is irrelevant in expensive ones.

Autonomous Community: the price of insuring a car varies depending on the geographical area. Ceuta, Melilla, Cantabria, Galicia and Asturias are the regions with the highest premiums while Aragon, Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha are the areas with the lowest prices. These variations from one place to another are due to the fact that in the north of Spain there are more accidents due to bad weather and the existence of a greater number of trips on secondary roads.

Parking: since the probability of a claim increases when the car is parked on the street, this is also an important point as it will cause the price of the policy to rise. Otherwise, that is, when a car sleeps in a garage, the premium will be decrease.

The driver's profile

The next point that insurers take into account when preparing a budget is the type of driver who will drive the vehicle. And it is that in Spain car policies are not nominative, that is, the driver and the owner of the same do not have to be the same person. Therefore, the important data are, especially, those of the person who is going to drive the vehicle.

Years of experience : the more years of experience you have, the more fluent you will be at the wheel and, therefore, the lower the risk of an accident.

Age : this factor is very important for insurers since the older the driver, the better the price. In fact, there are special policies for those under 25 so that protecting a newcomer is not excessively expensive.

Profession: companies consider that some jobs are more dangerous than others and therefore the chances of having an accident are higher. In this way, if when preparing the budget, the insurer considers that the profession of the driver may pose a greater risk, the cost will automatically become more expensive.

Marital status: being married or having family responsibilities is usually reflected in the change in driving style, becoming calmer and more responsible. That is why companies positively value the driver's marital status and the number of children, something that directly affects the premium.

Loss history: this is one of the most important points since if the driver has had a long history of accidents at the wheel, the premium price will be higher and, even, it is possible that some companies refuse to insure him, given the risk of covering such a driver.

If once all the necessary information has been collected, no insurer wants to take charge of saving a  valuedclient, there is an alternative for this type of driver: the Insurance Compensation Consortium (CCS). At this point in which no one insures him , the user can go to this body in charge of protecting and compensating him, as long as there is an insurance policy with a surcharge to the Consortium but in which the coverage of these damages is not included.

Finding affordable Cheapest  Best Car Insurance


If you need to find cheapest best car insurance, we recommend using a quick and easy tool like the Rastreator.com insurance buyer . In this way, you will only have to fill in the questionnaire once to obtain the budget for your policy and you will be able to see the prices that the insurers offer you in real time. This will make it easier for you to find the cheapest insurance on the market for you. 

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