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Best Tips for Lose Weight With Exercises


Best Tips for Lose Weight With Exercises

lose weight exercises

Lose weight with exercises is an idea which has every fat man/woman but he/she does not know about the actual methods and techniques of lose weight with exercises. Losing weight  is also no longer an aesthetic issue to become a real challenge when it comes to improving our health: it can be decisive in dealing with a possible SARS-CoV-2 infection and its complications.

Losing weight should be a priority for those who are obese or overweight as it can be decisive when it comes to coping with a possible SARS-CoV-2 infection and its associated complications. And it is that, at this point, it seems that there is a consensus among the scientific community when it comes to considering excess kilos as a risk factor that can greatly complicate the situation of a patient.

The existing evidence shows that one of the factors with the worst prognosis to overcome the disease has been the degree of obesity , even to a greater extent than other factors, also related to being overweight, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Therefore, it is important to emphasize the fact that obesity is not a simple cosmetic issue . Often people are confused about how to lose weight with exercises.  It is a reality that should not be turned away and that fortunately can be remedied through a balanced diet and physical exercise, which allows to improve respiratory, cardiac, metabolic and immune conditions.

how to lose weight with exercises

Benefits of physical exercise according to science

             It decreases the chance of suffering from different cardiovascular                         diseases and high blood pressure(B.P).

               Lessen the risk of diabetes and some types of cancer.

             Make better bone and functional health, which stops problems such as                  Sarcopenia or osteoporosis.

               Make better aspects such as balance, coordination or mobility.

               Improves muscles, improves strength and basic physical condition.

               Assists in maintaining caloric balance and a healthy weight.

              It improves mental health, decreases the risk of depression and helps                   manage stress.

               Assist to fall asleep, whose low quality is also a source of diseases.

W.H.O recommends doing at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week, which basically represents 30 minutes a day and not all . Some people join gym and they are expecting lose weight exercises at the gym will help them a lot. They are thinking positive but they have to be motivated when they go to gym. On the other hand, if we incorporate small changes in our lifestyle, other than running, cycling, going to the gym or doing training routines at home,  - climbing stairs or slopes, playing with the children.

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Workout routine

Thus, once we are clear about the benefits of physical exercise for losing weight at gym and its importance to maintain a healthy weight, Sergio Peinado , a graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and personal trainer, shares a training routine that includes exercise exercises. cardio, functional and body weight that will allow us to burn fat and lose weight. ⠀

6 Basic Exercises

Push-ups (20 seconds)

Lunges with weight (20 seconds)

Weighted Row (20 seconds)

Knees up (20 seconds)

Squats (20 seconds)

Jumping jacks (20 seconds)

quick lose weight with exercise, lose weight exercises at gym

As Sergio Peinado recommends, the ideal is to do 20 seconds per exercise and rest 10 seconds between each one. Similarly, the expert advises doing 5 series resting 30 seconds between each of them, although everything depends on your state and circumstances so you can adapt the routine to your needs . Remember that it is important to seek progression and warm up well before starting physical activity to improve performance during training and also avoid the risk of injury.There is method invented quick lose weight with exercise and unfortunately our body was not prepared for this quick action.  So, we have to go this journey very slowly and steadily.

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