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7 Important Things To Know If You Are Going To The Beach With Your Dog

7 Important Things To Know If You Are Going To The Beach With Your Dog

So you will have fun and avoid dangers

7, important things to know, things to know, dogs , beach

In summer, and especially in the heat of the heat wave, what we want the most is to cool off with a good bath. And if we can go to the beach with our dog , all the better, since he will also enjoy himself and we will help him fight the high temperatures. But if you are lucky enough to spend your holidays on a beach where dogs are allowed and you can swim with him, you must take into account some aspects so that he has a good time, is comfortable and there are no risks. The experts at Purina give you some advice. 

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1.Avoid peak sun hours

Although your pet will like to lie in the sun, because that is how it receives its daily doses of vitamin D, it is important that you take some precautions. Which are none other than what you should take to take care of yourself. For instance, "do not go at the time when it is more intense and the highest temperatures, specifically from 12am to 4pm. In this way, you will ensure that the dog's body temperature is not too high and you will also avoid possible burns on the skin. ", they point out. 

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7, important things to know, things to know, dogs , beach

2. Avoid being afraid of water

Not all dog breeds have the same passion for water, and neither do all dogs. Each animal is unique and there are those who will madly enjoy the water on the beach, the river or the pool, and others who will avoid it at all costs. "If you want your dog to enjoy the water, it is better to do it at his own pace. There are some who get into the water instinctively, but for others it can be traumatic if we force them to enter directly." To do this, Purina experts recommend playing games so that the animal itself enters progressively until it feels comfortable.

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3.Maintain good hydration

This is one of the most important tips to keep in mind when you go out with your dog for a walk or to the beach. Always fresh water with you and a container where you can drink comfortably. Also try to bring an umbrella and take advantage of the shade to rest and regain strength after the game.

7, important things to know, things to know, dogs , beach

4.Avoid letting your dog ingest sea water or swallow sand

Do you have a dog that, as soon as it enters the water, tries to drink it? Or does your dog roll in the sand and even swallow it? Avoid it! Purina experts warn that both actions can cause gastric and intestinal problems such as diarrhea or severe vomiting that could end in an emergency visit to your veterinarian. If you want to enjoy the holidays without setbacks, try to put yourself before these circumstances. Teach him from a puppy what he should not do. If your dog is older, keep an eye on him. 

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5.Do not go into the water if the sea is rough

It is important that when you go to schedule the day at the beach, check the weather forecast. If you see that the weather is going to be bad, we advise you to postpone the departure for another day. Also, when you get to the beach, look at the flag and the waves to make sure it is safe for you and your pet to be in the water. If not, don't take unnecessary risks and prevent your dog from getting into the sea.

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7, important things to know, things to know, dogs , beach

6.Make sure it is identified

That your dog wears an identification chip is mandatory. But in addition to the chip, it is recommended that you do not leave home without a necklace and / or an identifying layer with all your data to be able to identify yourself in case it is lost. It is also recommended that you add additional information if you are sick or have any ailment, for example, if you are diabetic, epileptic, etc. 

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7.Bath and checkup

Once the day is over, your dog will need a bath to get rid of the accumulated salt and sand. If there is the option, take advantage of the dog shower equipment on the beach itself. Rub it well with fresh water, and use a towel for drying. If the shower is not possible on site, wait until you get home, and take the opportunity to bathe him with your shampoo, give him a good brushing and thoroughly check his ears. Remove the sand and any water that may have accumulated in them, in order to avoid skin infections or otitis. If you notice that your dog shows any symptoms of pain in them afterwards, do not hesitate to visit your veterinarian.

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