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How to lose weight by portion Control – How It Works And Ways To Do It?

How to lose weight by portion Control  – How It Works And Ways To Do It?

Portion control is extremely important for losing weight. Apart from eating the right diet, eating in the right amounts, a.k.a., portion control is one important thing that does miracle how much and how quickly you will lose weight. But this thing is important to understand. Your accurate amount of food is not the same as mine. It depends on a man to man's age, BMI, medical conditions, current medications, and lifestyle(way of living). Hence, here, we talk about everything you want to know about portion control(PC) for weight loss. 

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Why Is Portion Control For losing weight Important?

It is important that you keep a record of the number of calories you consume every day – and this includes calories from healthy foods as well. You don’t wish to feel like you’re on dieting, but you have to take fewer calories. And this applies to healthy foods as well. Because healthy and beneficial foods, in larger quantities, can also halt you from losing weight even helping to make you gain weight.

Controlling portions will not only assist you in losing weight but also save you from obesity-related diseases(O.R.D), such as diabetes, insulin resistance, PCOs, heart problem, etc. But how can you begin eating the right amount of food? Here’s what you’ve to do first.

How Does Portion Control For Weight Loss Work?

It starts at your grocery store. Check out the nutrition details of any kind of food, and you will find all the nutritional information there.  However, it depends on your body requirements, you need to eat more (or less) than the serving size. And this is precisely where portion control for weight loss comes into play its role..

Portion Control Sample Diet Chart

To lose weight by portion control, everybody requires to consume around 1700 calories per day.  Calories that you have to consume (according to your needs) will be different, but the idea of meal planning will remain the same. Take a look.

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12 Ways To Control Your Portions

1. Begin your Day by Drinking Water

Did you know that you felt hunger when you are actually thirsty? Yup! It is true. Dehydration becomes a cause your brain to think that you are hungry and creates a lot of imbalances in your whole body. So, drink at least 6 glass of water per day. Or 6-7 glass of water if you take part in vigorous workouts daily. Drink two glass of water before any meal. Water will assist you to avoid overeating, make regulate your body temperature, stop dehydration.

2. Cut Down On Refined Carbs

 Chocolates, cakes, ice creams are the main reasons for weight gain and a rise in the obesity epidemic. You must stop to eat on refined carbs like white sugar, bread, pasta, flour, cookies, etc. Believe me, once you get rid of this kind of addiction, you will lose your weight quickly and begin feeling energetic and light like feather all day long.

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3. Low Calories Foods Must Include In Your Diet

Vegetable top of the list of low-cal foods. They are low in calories and nutrition-dense – they are filled with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre. These vitamins and minerals assist to boost your immunity level, metabolism, and other body functions. And the dietary fibre keeps you satiated for a long time.

4. Eat Fruits with Care 

Fruits are delicious and nutritious but are also filled with fruit sugar or fructose. Like nuts, you can easily overeat fruits, leading towards an insulin spike. Fruits are healthy, but because they contain a good amount of sugar, you have to be 

 more careful not to do overeating high glycemic index (GI) fruits like grapes, mango, jackfruit, etc.

5. Try to Eat well Diet

You need to eat healthily, but do not shut yourself in when it’s time to have a good time with friends, family, or a date. Just make the right choice of food and portion control choices. And it begins by choosing the restaurant that serves healthy food. 

6. Light Breakfast but Healthy Breakfast

You should not miss breakfast. Have it within an hour of waking up. And take care of how much amount of food and what you have eaten in breakfast. 

7. Do Not Miss Meals

Missing meals can make you feel more hungry, leading to overeating during the whole of the day.  Also, starving yourself the whole day make slow down your metabolism, which ultimately makes you helping in weight gaining and look sluggish.

8. Weigh Your Food To Count Calories

The measure of food in your whole day will help you to lose weight fastly, properly and accurately.  So keep this thing in mind we can not take any food in access.

9. Drink Juices but Less Sugar.

The easiest and best way to control your portion is to drink fruit juices, with less sugar. Orange, peach and Citrus Juices are the best juice for every weight loss. 

10. Do your Workout Daily

If you want to lose weight, work out is very necessary.  It will help you in Portion Control to lose weight.

11. Eat Slowly

Take your time in eating and use a small spoon whenever you start eating. Make sure you pick up small amounts of food each time in eating. Chew your food and enjoy the flavours of food. Eating slowly helps you from overeating, and you will soon feel full.


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