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Raquel Henriques has been harassed two times. The refusal made her lose work

Raquel Henriques has been harassed two times. The refusal made her lose work

Right now I am not doing work on TV due to the harassment I have gone through. My first situation began right from the first soap opera I did ”, disclosed Raquel Henriques in an interview with Manuel Luís Gouache, on TV. The actress even talks about physical force.

Raquel Henriques has been harassed two times. The refusal made her lose work

He was the face of soap operas and comedies by SIC and TVI, but Raquel Henriques, 43, has been away from television for a long time. Now, in an interview with Manuel Luís Goucha, on the program of the Queluz de Baixo station on Wednesday, May 5, the former actress and presenter and criminologist and fitness teacher points out a reason: physically harassment and lack of work for having refused give in to physically blackmail. “Right now I am not working on television due to the harassment I went through. My first situation started right from the first soap opera I made ”, he revealed.

Henriques did not put names forward, but goes back to talking about hierarchical power and how it is used in these circumstances to coerce those who are in the beginning of their careers. “This person had a much higher position than me. I was just an actress in my early career. This person ran everything, took care of it. He started making fun of me and trying to take a slightly different approach ”.

The attempts escalated and Raquel Henriques even says that it was closed in a space to be coerced into involvement. “He tried and when he realized that I was not giving him the answer he wanted, he entered a more aggressive field that closed me in an actor's room and even tried physically to get closer. He tried something ... Of course, I didn't give him the slightest chance, he didn't like it, as none of them do, and he even said: 'as long as I'm here, you'll never do television again' ” , he detailed. A threat, moreover, similar to that revealed by actress Sofia Arruda.

The requests for help that he says he made to his colleagues were worthless and the work was finished until the end, after which he changed the season. However, the story was repeated: “ I went to another television channel that started well until, however, there is someone quite superior who came in later and after a while also remembered to enter a different record with me. Many messages, job offers, the pressure started to be a lot. I didn't give in to dinners, which are usually dinners, or a weekend, or an evening… I didn't give in and I ran out of work. What you can do at that time is nothing. Wherever you see yourself, you don't know what to do, there is no physical evidence because there is no aggression ”, he said.

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