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Lady Gaga: Five arrests in the case of the bloody abduction of her dogs.

Lady Gaga: Five arrests in the case of the bloody abduction of her dogs.

Lady Gaga: Five arrests in the case of the bloody abduction of her dogs. lady gaga songs

Lady Gaga can now sleep comfortably. Two months after the violent kidnapping of his dogs, Koji and Gustav, two French bulldogs, the investigation into the tragedy is moving forward. Five people were arrested. Three individuals aged 18, 19 and 27 have been charged with dog theft and attempted murder on Lady Gaga's dog sitter, AFP reports, echoed on the RTL site. Two other people are considered to be the accomplices of the first three defendants. A man, who is the father of one of the suspects, and a woman, who had brought back the dogs - on the pretext of having found them in the street - to obtain the reward, were indeed also arrested.

According to investigators, the three arrested kidnappers were unaware that the bulldogs belonged to Lady Gaga. They were only planning to steal purebred dogs for resale.

On February 24, Ryan Fischer, who was responsible for walking Koji, Gustav and a third dog was violently assaulted while walking with the dogs in the streets of Hollywood. The 30-year-old man had been shot. The kidnappers, who arrived by car, had caught two dogs and the third had fled before returning to the dogsitter, once the danger had passed. At the material time, Lady Gaga was in Italy.

Ryan Fischer had been taken care of by the emergency services and had to be rehospitalized. The bullet he had received caused damage and he had made a

Lady Gaga, who had launched a wanted notice with a huge reward, found her dogs, two French bulldogs, kidnapped Wednesday, February 24 while they were with their walker. The latter had been injured during the attack.

Lady Gaga's nightmare is over. Almost three days after their kidnapping in a violent assault, his dogs Koji and Gustav, two French bulldogs, were found unharmed. According to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), it was a woman, whose identity has remained anonymous, who brought them back around 6 p.m. this Friday, February 26, to the police station. An investigation is still underway to determine whom the perpetrators of the kidnapping and the assault with firearms that left one were injured.

Lady Gaga had offered $ 500,000 as a reward

Absent at the time of the attack, Lady Gaga was nonetheless shocked. After making sure Ryan Fischer was going to be okay, the 34-year-old American singer posted a message on her social networks asking for help to find her dogs, to which she is very attached. She promised a reward of 500,000 dollars (approximately 413,000 euros) to the person who brought them back to her. There is no information on whether the woman who found Koji and Gustav claimed this award.

Lady Gaga is a true animal lover. She loves her dogs, who follow her often and whose photos she regularly shares with her followers on Instagram. His fans know their faces well, which certainly helped to find them quickly. In recent weeks, the pop star has had less time for them. She was very taken by her commitment to US President Joe Biden, whom she has supported from the start, and, of course, by the inauguration ceremony at the White House. No doubt that after all these emotions she will want to find her little four-legged friends and give them lots of hugs.

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