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After threats, PM soldier removes colonel for physically victimization

After threats, PM soldier removes colonel for physically victimization

Military Police soldier Jessica Paulo do Nascimento, 28, made a complaint against a lieutenant colonel to the PM's internal affairs department for physically teasing and the threat of physical attack and death. The commander of the Battalion of the South Zone of São Paulo would have initiated attacks against her in 2018. The information is from UOL.

After threats, PM soldier removes colonel for physically victimization

The man did not have his identity released because of the secrecy of the process. He is accused of sending messages and audios with bad words and indecent proposals to the soldier, in addition to humiliating her in front of colleagues.

Today Jessica is stationed at the 45th Battalion of the Interior Military Police (BPM / I), in Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo. She joined the PM in 2013 and started having problems with the commander in 2018.

To UOL, she said that the teasing started on the first day they met when he already asked her out.

I tried to be polite, explained that I was married, had children, showed my wedding ring. Today, I see how innocent I was because, from there, the mistreatment against me started, said Jessica.

The soldier tells that she tried to enter the Fire Department to change jobs, but that the commander became a hurdle in her way and did not allow it.

As I did not abandon and I realized that he was not going to leave off, I went to take the test for the Fire Department, I wanted to leave where I was. But he destroyed me, he didn't allow it. And the worst thing, when he learned that I wanted to leave the company, he demanded my transfer to a battalion that is 40 km from my house. Even though I knew I had two children as babies, ”says the soldier.

She tells that she told the captain of the 1st Company everything, who instructed her to get a 6-month certificate, to stay away from the commander's attacks. In the meantime, she moved with her husband to Praia Grande and changed the phone number, but the teasing by mobile continued.

Someone gave him my new number and he called me again and sent text messages, always with filthy language and immoral proposals, the soldier told UOL.

According to the report, the commander would have started to make threats against his physical integrity and that of his family, if she did not yield to his appeals. And he tried to arrange a meeting with her to take her to a hotel, but the day before the date, on the last 7, she made the complaint to the Internal Affairs Department of the Military Police telling the whole story.

Also according to UOL, the PM informed that it received the complaint and immediately initiated a military police investigation to investigate the facts. The officer was set aside from the Battalion command and the investigation is being proceeded by the Internal Affairs Division of the Military Police. All facts are secret, as required by law, according to the Corporation.

Jessica told UOL that despite her childhood dream of being a police officer, after what happened, she said she regretted joining PM.

I dreamed of being able to help people, of being recognized as a protector of the innocent. But it was all fake. It was the end of an illusion. If I could, somehow, warn Jessica as a child, there in the past, I would slap her in the face and tell her to wake up, look for another profession, ”said the soldier. 


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