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Top anti-aging tips to look so different

You look so different!

To stop the ageing process or simply to feel more beautiful, stars take some radical steps. You look forever young - and maybe that's not always just because of water, yoga and good genes. Whether botox, lifting or other cosmetic surgery, the beautiful and rich of this world come up with a lot to look young, firm and vital for as long as possible. Here you can see the pictures of the sometimes blatant type changes.

Top anti-aging tips to look so different

Cat eyes, snub nose, full lips and wrinkle-free skin. The beauty and youth craze in Hollywood is taking on more and more absurd traits, because instead of looking prettier and younger, some celebrities are now disfigured almost beyond recognition. Stars before and after seem like two different people. Nowadays there seem to be hardly any limits to cosmetic surgery and Hollywood stars gratefully accept any possibility of self-optimization.

The beauty surgery stars are overdoing it

Singer Kesha got it: Instead of sensual lips that invite you to embrace, she now has a rubber dinghy on her face. Another case: Gwen Stefanie. Once naturally beautiful, today it is ironed flat, chopped up, sewn together again and looks like a doll. The fact that such interventions also remove naturalness and a personable charisma is something that the beauty-addicted ladies don't seem to consider.

Stars before and after

And then there is the very special species of botox stars: those who are barely recognizable and who wonder whether the new face was intentional or a surgical accident. After all, you can play entertaining “before and after” guessing games with photos of them. Candidate number 1: Mickey Rourke, who was once known for his charming and mischievous smile, has been looking like a different person since his complete renovation and not like a naturally aged version of himself. Candidate number 2: "Dirty Dancing" star Jennifer Gray has it overdone with the snippets. Thanks to the numerous cosmetic surgeries, there is hardly anything left of her natural beauty. Unfortunately, she is far from the only one in the Hollywood circus.

Washing face with a  cleanser

Face Cleaning is good for remove and polishing any skincare product or makeup that you’ve used on your skin during the day, as well as natural oils for skin, anti-ageing pollutants, and bacteria that are accumulated. It also means your skincare products will capable of moisturizing your beautiful skin and work effectively!

You’ll wish to use a gentle cleanser to secure your skin barrier and keep it safe from dehydration and skin deterioration. Cleansers with a high pH like natural beauty soaps are very harsh and can leave your skin unsafe to pain and infection. 

Do you need a toner?

Toners were made in the last decade to make healthy skin the low (pH) of the skin after washing with a high-(pH) cleanser. If you’re using a cleanser with a low pH, then a toner no need to use. It’s good to avoid skin deterioration in the first place than to undo it later!

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