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The Famous Transgender,Caitlyn Jenner, Announces To Fight For California Governor

The Famous Transgender, Caitlyn Jenner, Announces To Fight For California Governor

The Olympic gold medalist, Caitlyn Jenner,  on a reality family show, declared Friday that she will fight for governor of California. The state's Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, is likely to contest the election this year.

The Famous Transgender,Caitlyn Jenner, Announces To Fight For California Governor

Jenner, a 71-year-old Republican, told she had submitted paperwork to fight for the office of Governor.

The people of California wish better and need better from their selected politicians, she wrote on her Twitter Account.

Taking on deep-rooted Sacramento politicians and the special interests that fund them needs a fighter who is not afraid to do what is according to the need of people. I am a confirmed winner and the only outsider who can defeat Gavin Newsom's unpleasant time as governor.

Jenner made criticism on Newsom's way of handling of the coronavirus(Covid-19) pandemic, which has not been famous with many in the state.

Small businesses have been ruined because of the repressing lockdown. A whole generation of children have lost a valuable year of education and have been forced from going back to school, participating in educational and social activities,  with their friends, she wrote.

If we struggle for re-election, as Newsom says he expects it will,  The people of California will be asked to cast two votes: whether they want to remove the governor and want to select a replacement from a  given list of candidates.

There have been several instances to change governors in recent years, but only one reached the signature threshold. In 2003, Democratic Gov. Gray Davis was thought of, and Republican, Famous Actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced him as a substitute..

According to Politico analysis of Jenner's voting history found that she did not vote in the 2016 election won by former President Donald Trump, and voted only 9 times in California's 26 Statewide elections since 2000.

The Los Angeles Times(LAT) noted that the GOP has not got victory a statewide election in California since 2006 — but it can take far fewer votes to got victory the governorship through think of a normal election. There can be scores of replacement as subtitute candidates on the ballot (as there were in 2003); Newsom can't show on the replacement ballot, and it's possible no famous and important Democrat will run. And unlike a regular election, there is no primary option.

Though Jenner is among the most famous Transgender people in the U.S A., other LGBTQ activists/workers weren't necessarily happy over her entry into the race of governorship.

Caitlyn Jenner has no real back up and support, LGBTQ worker/activist Charlotte Clymer made a  tweet on Twitter. I do not give importance to her candidacy. I do give importance to the ways in which her absurd views will be modified against transgender's community people and the ways in which the fear of transgender will go unstopped. This is purely a frivolous election campaign, and it's merely selfishness.

In the 1976 Olympics, Caitlyn Jenner won the gold medal in the Decathlon. Caitlyn Jenner children are 3 daughters  Kris Jenner Kendall and Kylie Jenner are her family. Keeping Up With the Kardashians, alongside Kris Jenner's children with  Robert Kardashian. Caitlyn Jenner's net worth in 2020 is $100 Million. CAITLYN JENNER 's dating has opened up with Sophia Hutchinson(Caitlyn Jenner girlfriend) and they are busy in their platonic relationship. Caitlyn Jenner engaged with Sophia Hutchinson.  Sophia Hutchinson is Caitlyn Jenner's partner. Presently, Caitlyn Jenner'age is 71 years. People of California is the best judge to select her or not.  Time will tell everything and make it clear.

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