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Maddalena Corvaglia breaks the silence on the quarrel with Elisabetta Canalis: "A great pain"

Maddalena Corvaglia breaks the silence on the quarrel with Elisabetta Canalis: "A great pain"

Maddalena Corvaglia and Elisabetta Canalis were one of the most loved pairs of Veline by the public. The blonde and brunette from Striscia la news shared the beginnings of their careers and have long remained friends even away from the screens. However, something in recent years seems to have pushed them away and after a long period of silence, Maddalena Corvaglia spoke about their friendship.

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Maddalena Corvaglia and Elisabetta Canalis: the beginnings and the end of a long friendship

Maddalena Corvaglia and Elisabetta Canalis met thanks to Striscia la Notizie, a program for which they worked as Veline from 1999 to 2002.

In a recent interview with the National Newspaper, the blonde of the duo admitted that she faced the auditions for the broadcast with very little faith in her potential: "At the audition there was a lot of girls dancing, all beautiful and very blond. I remained seated in a corner. Even my mom told me: 'Imagine if they catch you' ". Defying every omen, Maddalena then obtained her place on the Striscia counter and here she found love and a great friend. The showgirl was in fact engaged to Enzo Iacchetti, remaining by his side for 6 years and was very attached to the other Velina, Elisabetta Canalis.

Relations between the two remained excellent in the years following their participation in Striscia, to the point of prompting them to open a business together. By now close to 40, the two women felt ready to take on a business venture. Eli and Madda had opened a gym in California, where the duo's ex-brunette lives, but then something went wrong. “The Sky View La gym? We rented it out, "Canalis explained shortly after the opening of the facility. The woman then chose not to answer those who asked her about her friendship with Corvaglia, thus suggesting that relations between the two were in crisis.

The words of Maddalena Corvaglia on the quarrel with Elisabetta Canalis

From the moment of the alleged end of their friendship, Elizabeth has had to answer on many occasions to questions relating to her friendship with Magdalene. Without ever giving too much away, however, the Sardinian-born showgirl tried not to investigate the question, revealing the existence of a complex situation. These days it was the blonde of the now ex duo who had to answer the most uncomfortable questions.

In fact, during the interview with the National Newspaper, the woman was asked the reasons for her quarrel with Canalis.

"I prefer not to talk about it, it's a great pain" Corvaglia replied hastily, thus revealing an open wound. The woman recalled with great affection the period of Striscia la Notizia. It therefore seems clear that the cause of their separation is really to be found in recent years. Their quarrel may have been caused by different professional opinions and intentions, but it seems evident that the two perceive the same feelings about what happened.

"It takes me a while to metabolize the pain. I love unconditionally, but I can build walls that are difficult to knock down ”, in fact, Elisabetta admitted some time ago. So she too had declared that she suffered from the situation.

A faithful confidant: Antonio Ricci

Remaining on the subject of suffering, Magdalene declared that she had experienced two particularly difficult moments in the course of her life. Thinking back to the saddest episodes, the showgirl admitted to feeling that she survived 2 situations in particular: "The loss of my father, and also the divorce".

Corvaglia faced these moments before the quarrel with Elisabetta and it is likely that she was able to look further thanks to her.

Also during the experience in Striscia, the woman also found another great friend: Antonio Ricci. “For me he has remained an important person - he declared - when I need advice, I still turn to him”. Who knows, in the future it will not be the one who twenty years ago selected her and Canalis to make the Veline to decree their reconciliation. Maybe with him Maddalena feels she can talk about the issue and Ricci could hope for a return of the couple.

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