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“Grill the Henssler”: Sophia Thomalla pokes at Cathy Hummels

“Grill the Henssler”: Sophia Thomalla pokes at Cathy Hummels

At the start of the new “Grill den Henssler” season at Vox, the celebrity chef Steffen Henssler is pounded to the ground by his celebrity opponents.

“Grill the Henssler”: Sophia Thomalla pokes at Cathy Hummels

Sophia Thomalla brings special flavor into play.

She complains about influencers and taunts Cathy Hummels.

First of all, he was out of luck and then there was also bad luck. For Steffen Henssler, pretty much everything that could go wrong went wrong at the start of the new “Grill den Henssler” season at Vox. In the end there was an official 74:84 cooking debacle and on the way there was desperation written on the face of the self-confident professional Bruzzler several times: Henssler did not win a single one of the four cooking courses and also lost all three kitchen competitions.

But: The maître showed greatness in defeat. The celebrities were "strong as a buck". He had already suspected this at the beginning of the program: “We are the 'Wetten, dass ..?' From Vox.” But then he had aimed at the appearance of the guests. Actor Tom Beck and, above all, Sophia Thomalla, dressed in a sleeveless top, and the fashion designer and upcoming “jungle camp” inmate Harald Glööckler, who shimmered in his usual glittering splendor, were a feast for the eyes.

The celebrities and their coach are hot as frit fat

The fact that they ultimately turned out to be unbeatable opponents at the grill was due to several factors. For example, to cooking coach Haya Molcho. The Israeli cook was motivated to the tip of her hair. Moderator Laura Wontorra described it with "Haya is a fighting pig!" A little awkward, but quite aptly: Molcho was in coaching for the second time and thought to repeat her coup from the premiere: "I'll win again."

You could not have done better with the "executive staff". Tom Beck wanted to win for the second time on his third cooking assignment. And the “Grill den Henssler” debutants Thomalla and Glööckler were as hot as French fries. Together, the celebrity team and coach had come up with an ingenious tactic and resorted to the ultimate spice: deceit. They wanted to shock Henssler with extraordinary tasks. And it succeeded. "What kind of dishes are these?" He moaned.

Is “Friesencreme” another word for hair gel?

In any case, Henssler had never heard of the typical GDR dish “Steak au four” (spiced meat), which was served as a task by the East Berlin-born Sophia Thomalla, or the “pompous Friesencreme” that Glööckler demanded. "Friesian Cream? What is that? ”Asked Henssler desperately,“ a Frisian word for hair gel? ”Henssler suspected the cause of the problem. Even with Beck's starter ("Saddle of lamb with roasted aubergine on Asian tahini"), Henssler said: "The coach straightened that out."

You have no chance - so use it! According to this motto, the celebrity chef actually pulled out of the affair à la bonheur. He defied Beck just like Thomalla a draw, made up for a lack of know-how with creativity (“I fox myself in!”). He lost the improv course (rollmops, potato peel, hard-boiled egg) as well as the dessert with only one point difference.

So it could have been enough for the overall victory if he had won two of the kitchen competitions. And if Christian Rach wasn't such a fox ...

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