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Faye Xylas: "I always talked openly about my experience with George Kimoulis"

Faye Xylas: "I always talked openly about my experience with George Kimoulis"

Faye Xylas for her relationship with a younger man and her divorce from the actor Konstantinos Giannakopoulos

Faye Xylas: "I always talked openly about my experience with George Kimoulis"


The actress Faye Xylas, who is currently starring in the Star series, "Love with a difference", gave an interview to Gala magazine and Panos Zogkas. Among other things, the actress responded to her divorce from the well-known actor Konstantinos Giannakopoulos. Asked if she has been in a relationship with a younger man or if she has ever been preoccupied with the age difference, the actress replied: "I never talk about my love affairs.

My only relationship I can refer to because it is known is my son's dad and he is younger than me. I don't think the age difference would bother me if I judged that I fit in with someone else in everything else. "

Answering a question about her difficult collaboration with George Kimoulis, the actress said: "I always spoke openly in my space about this experience, to warn my colleagues, but then there was no Disciplinary Board in the SEI to address. And I wish to describe my support for the women who have suffered an even worse situation.

Regarding her divorce after 15 years of marriage, she said: "Our divorce was a mature, joint decision. The cycle of love affair ended and we decided not to be a couple anymore. But we remain our son's parents and our relationship continues with a lot of love, but with other facts. Konstantinos is a very important person in my life. He is not only the father of Paris. He is a real man of love and I know I can  believe and trust him." Regarding whether she is ready for a second marriage or a child, she replied: I am unable to know, life is not stable and unpredictable.

Konstantinos Giannakopoulos had spoken to the newspaper Real Life about his separation from Faye Xylas: "It does not matter to focus on what led us to this decision. This only concerns us. What I want to emphasize on the subject is that we have an excellent contact with Faye - mainly because of our child, Paris, but not only him. I lived happily with her and that is very important ".  "There was no third person or anything else. There was the wear and tear of time. It happens to so many couples, it happened to us too. Faye was the most important woman in my life, I always love her very much and I will adore her, even if we take other paths now. "She is the woman who gave me the most expensive" gift "of my life, Paris, and I will always thank her for that," the actor had said for Faye Xylas.

Faye Xylas for Kimouli: "It was the bad partnership, I set my limits"

Actress Faye Xylas describes in black her partnership with George Kimoulis

It was one of the hard and perhaps my worst partnership with George Kimoulis, but I set my limits. The partnership was very difficult without even talking to each other, with no contact. It was soul-destroying. Such collaborations are not pleasant. I personally do not accept it. Everything that Zeta Douka describes is condemnable, said among others Faye Xyla. The two actors collaborated in two theatrical performances: Thesmoforiazouses and Don Juan, the return.

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