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Bianca Ingrosso and Phillipe Cohen's Love Story: "We are together again!"

Bianca Ingrosso and Phillipe Cohen's Love Story: "We are together again!"

Bianca tells us that she is in a relationship again!

Bianca Ingrosso and Phillipe Cohen's Love Story: "We are together again!"Bianca Ingrosso and Phillipe Cohen tillsammans

            In the latest episode of the podcast Ursäkta, which is run by Edvin Törnblom , 25, and Johanna Nordström , 25, influencer queen Bianca Ingrosso, 26, jumps in as a substitute. This is because Bianca has to move forward as a replacement as Johanna has been infected with corona and has to stay at home. Edvin and Bianca discuss every topic on heaven and earth and many new details are revealed about their discussion. 

It is at the starting of the podcast episode that Bianca explains to Edvin how she has hinted at her close friends’ story on Social Media Account on Instagram about the guy she meets. 

A little further into the episode, Edvin asks “Relevant and Burning questions" to Bianca. When he questions what she does not usually reply during question time, Bianca says something that is very shocking and unexpected. 

 Like if Phillipe and I are together again ... Bianca answers Edwin’s question.

She disclosed:

- We're together again!

- No ... says Edvin

- Yes, says Bianca very said firmly

Edvin then seizes up in laughter and is told that this is what Bianca talked about at the beginning of the episode regarding her close friend's story. 

- I wrote like this I am doing dinner with my ex, Bianca reveals. 

Then the token falls for Edvin. 

Bianca and Phillipe have had a  great stormy relationship, to say the least. Bianca, who has been open with the relationship in Social media, has many times said that She and Phillipe have gone their separate ways for good. After small hints about pasta dates, something that a blog has written about here, they seem to have found each other again. 

- It feels great, tells Bianca. 

Stranger in Bianca Ingrosso's apartment: Phillipe pushed him out.

Bianca Ingrosso tells about the unpleasant incident when a stranger entered her apartment. Luckily, her boyfriend, Phillipe Cohen was there and was able to push the man out immediately.

Being public certainly has its benefits and drawbacks. 

Profiles like  Kenza Zouiten Subosic, Isabella Löwengrip and Magdalena Graaf have all told of unpleasant chasers who showed up outside their homes. 

On Tuesday, Bianca held a question and answer session on Social Media Account Instagram where she chose to answer a little Ditta and data that the fans wondered about. 

She then told about two relevant events that took place. One at Pernilla Wahlgren's home, and the 2nd time at her own apartment. 

I had a man who tried to enter my mother's house once in a whole day when I was there myself. He struggled hard that I had to push him out and the police arrived. Another man entered into the apartment here one morning so Phillipe had to pushed him out, writes Bianca, 

She adds that she disclaimed the incidents very fast but that she thinks about and cares for all the other girls out there who are in a position of exposition. Bianca Ingrosso's Instagram Account is told every incident of her life. Bianca Ingrosso's Reddit Account is also very active.

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