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Tina Turner and Dua Lipa performed YFSF

 Tina Turner and Dua Lipa performed YFSF

A star she admires was invited to imitate at the YFSF on Sunday (28.03.2021), Mathilde Maggira.

Tina Turner and Dua Lipa performed YFSF
 Tina Turner and Dua Lipa performed YFSF

As she said, who last week took a breather from the victory by imitating Rena Vlachopoulou (she lost by one point), she was lucky to see live the person who was assigned to her years ago at a concert in New Philadelphia and always he considered it a peak. This is Tina Turner, who recently prepared a documentary as a farewell gift to her audience all these years. And Mathilde, visually at least, was very close to the original.

As Kostis Maravegias told her, she was actually a little wronged as the imitation she was given to copy was from the closing of a huge Turner concert with the famous "Rolling on a river", which as energy and as an atmosphere cannot be copied. Nevertheless, Mathilde gave her all and was unstoppable and well done throughout the song.

Dua Lipa and The controversy

The first appearance of the drama was that of Tania Breazou whom this week was called to camouflage herself as Dua Lipa(DL). Her 2 stage presence and her voice skills aided her to get the best reviews/comments from the judges of the show.

Especially, according to Judge Kostis Maravegias told Tania Breazou that: she magnetized the eyes, she brings the experience and maturity she need. He liked her performance very much.

British Popstar, Dua Lipa(DL) has Put in motion a great response online with a tweet often linked with followers of extreme Albanian Nationalism.

Lipa showed in a map that has Kosovo, Albania,  and its neighbouring parts of Balkan countries and a meanings of the word (Autochthonous) to suggest Albanians belonged there.

The tweet sparked a strong reaction from followers and critics alike.

the parents of Lipa are from Kosovo. After her birth, they moved to the UK.

In follow-up remarks, Lipa said she rejected cultural identity and her post "was never meant to increase any hate".

What's the controversy about it?

Lipa was accused of giving favour to Albania expansion after posting the map which forms part of hardcore nationalist dreams of creating a Greater Albania that would incorporate all ethnic Albanians.

It has sparked controversy before. A football game in 2014 between Albania and Serbia went down into an open fight after a drone carrying that map showed in the stadium.

At the centre of the current controversy is the status of Kosovo which announced independence from Serbia in 2008, nearly 10 years after Nato's bombing campaign finished the rule of Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic there.

Kosovo is fully reconized by the USA and most of the European Countries, but not by Serbia and its main allies, including Russia.

Lipa is the young famous star to cause an fight by wading into Balkan history and politics.  In this way, Lipa tries to tell the people who are against Albania and others. She does not like to hate her country.

This article is jointly composed of the two great singers and written by Abu Zar Bohemia.

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