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The Best and Worst of the Grammy Awards-2021

The Best and Worst of the Grammy Awards-2021

Megan Thee Stallion(MTS) have the stage, struggling place got a much-needed spotlight and the event proved a  Covid-19 Pandemic Awards show doesn’t have to look like a video conference(VC).

Megan Thee Stallion’s heartfelt acceptance speeches and high-octane performances were a highlight of the 2021 Grammy Awards.Credit...
The Best and Worst of the Grammy Awards-2021

The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards-2021 promised to be far unique: There was a new Executive Producer at the helm for the first time in 10 years; a new energetic host; and a new challenges — gathering a Covid-19 Pandemic Grammy Awards-2021 show that didn’t appear like a video conference. With a small audience of nominated persons outside in L. Angeles, the show showed the contributions of women and the impact of the famous slogan "Black Lives Matter" protests, presented screen time to workers at open place crushed by the Covid-19 pandemic and enhanced tributes to musicians we lost during this challenging year-2020.

“This is really embarrassing for me,” said Billie Eilish, accepting record of the year with her producer brother Finneas O’Connell.Credit...
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Though she didn’t win the this night final and  ever biggest category, the record of the year 2021, Grammy night-2021 possesed to Megan Thee Stallion(MTS). She got  3 other awards she was nominated for: the best new artist and, for the remix of “Savage Song” featuring Beyoncé The Beautiful Singer,  The best Rap-2021 song and The best Rap performance-2021. Each speech was delivered as a wholesome gift: words of enthusiasm from an artist  having to experience the first flush of truly wide commendation. But her lovely performance was the ever loudest saying of all. It 

 wide opened with a bit of “Body and Soul,” and  rotated into her part from the “Savage-2021” remix. But the main attention was a performance of “WAP” with Cardi-B that was very good and charmingly beautiful,  bouncy and genuine in a way that the Grammys-2021 has rarely if ever made place for. That it took room on CBS, historically the most good the broadcast networks, was Chef’s Kiss. JON CARAMANICA

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Beyoncé won four awards at this year’s Grammys ceremony, bringing her lifetime total to 28|Taylor Swift is now the only female artist in Grammy history to win album of the year three times

The 1st time nominee Harry Styles(HS)  initiated proceedings of the show “Watermelon Sugar-2021” never sang better than it did during this performance of Grammy-2021, which made its subsequent amazing win for best Pop alone performance all the more understandable and listenable. Something tells me Boa Season is coming near. LINDSAY ZOLADZ(LZ)

At the very end of a Grammys-2021 ceremony that did its best to make-believe like the Recording Academy(RA) has always promoted and centred Black Artists, women and especially Black women, Billie Eilish(BE) was put in a herculean position that we have seen  many times before. Awarded record of the year for “Everything I Wanted-2021,” a mid-tempo in-betweener of a song, only a year after sweeping the top 4 categories with her first album, Eilish could only burst over Megan Thee Stallion(MTS).

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