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Sarah Everard: arrested police officer ‘not on duty’ when she went missing


Sarah Everard: arrested police officer ‘not on duty’ when she went missing


Scotland Yard expresses hope that 33-year-old London woman (Sarah Everard) will be found safe and well

Sarah Everard: arrested police officer ‘not on duty’ when she went missing

The duty police officer arrested over the disappearance of a woman in South London was not on duty when she went missing last week, Scotland Yard has expressed also displeasure.

A Senior Officer(SO) has expressed sadness and gave hope that Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old Marketing Executive(ME) who went missing after leaving the house of her friend in Clapham at about 9 pm last Wednesday, will yet be found safe and sound.
“This is a very tragic and serious significant progress in our search for Sarah and the fact that the man who’s been arrested is a performing Metropolitan Police Officer(MPO) is both shocking and deeply disturbing behaviour. He recognised the concern this will be a cause,” said Nick Ephgrave, an Assistant Commissioner(AC).
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The Metropolitan police declared late on Tuesday evening that it had got captured one of its own. Talking to Media on Wednesday morning, Ephgrave said: “It’s very important that the investigation and searching team are given the space and time to find Sarah and they’re working at full speed to do so.”
He said further that Officers arrested a Duty Metropolitan Police Officer(MPO) at an address in Kent with regard to the disappearance of the woman( Sarah Everard). This man was taken into custody by police and remains in custody in a London police station till the investigation.
“ Police Investigation told that this said duty officer was not on duty at the time of Sarah’s disappearance. At the same spot, a woman has also been arrested on suspicion of helping an offender. She was also taken into custody and remains  at a London police station as he told.”
Ephgrave thanked and welcomed those who had come forward, and he renewed his call for more information, saying anything the police could learn was important for all of us.



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