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Claudia's House of Love: With Claudia Obert on the abyss of trash TV

Claudia's House of Love: With Claudia Obert on the abyss of trash TV

In the dome show "Claudia's House of Love", entrepreneur and reality TV star Claudia Obert is looking for her heart man - and irritates viewers with trash, drunkenness 

Claudia's House of Love: With Claudia Obert on the abyss of trash TV
Claudia's House of Love: With Claudia Obert on the abyss of trash TV

The viewer should have known Claudia Obert at the latest since "Celebrities under palm trees". Yes, maybe not the friend of the station Arte right now. There was tugging and drinking under the palm trees, so much so that it became too much for even some die-hard thrash fans. But it can be even harder. Welcome to "Claudia's House of Love"!

Claudia Obert is given a penis work of art

Ten men - from students to grandpa - are invited to a semi-tasteful dwelling. Old? Does not work at all! Gerd, 71, is kicked out on the first evening. It may also have been because the "sculptor" gave La Obert a "work of art" in the shape of a dick. But who in turn does not consider the oeuvre to be a Picasso at all. However, the competition is also pretty penisque. One pulls bare in the first round. What is Mrs Obert's opinion?  If he's already displaying me his legs, then at least he could have had a boner(vulgar slang: an erect penis.). Ah yes. What to do? The advice offers from the off-speaker:  Be drunk yourself down to the level of the other people.

"Claudia's House of Love" is all about drunkenness

We're already in the middle of it. This show is originally about two topics - drunkenness. Just imagine: an older man would degrade ten women to cheap bad objects in front of the camera. Then the outcry would be loud! But that's what we call entertainment - but it's hard to endure. Claudia Obert seems to like it.  She feels very honoured to lead this gang of mad people.

Only the first name is "disturbed". There is Nikolai - at the beginning, he showed more than you would have liked. With erotic brushing, Nikolai uses his Nikolaichen to dab the canvas for the psychological picture. "Nobody has ever shit in my brain like you," is the diagnosis of bad expert Professor Dr Obert. That sounds like a compliment to her.

How old is Claudia Obert really?

The heroine at this rubbish show somehow thinks everything is good. And comments with a mixture of Baden dialect, paired with Lall meat muscle in the celebrity alcohol mouth.Life creed: she never says No. to Vinod, It's perfect that she explains that, we wouldn't have been amazed at all. The atmosphere within the Buhler group is also tense. Thomas Mario, Mario for short, takes on everyone - with what feels like a blood alcohol level of 23 per mille - and sounds: "Fuck all those assholes!"

The other Mario in the group is called Marco, but Ms Obert is somehow too complicated. Maybe it's also due to age. Because whether Claudia is 59 (as the broadcaster claims) or 61 (as you slip out yourself) is not resolved. In any case, she sees herself as the "ripe fruit of autumn". However, now not so mature again that after a speed date she says: "In nine months there will be three of us." Kind: do not lead us into temptation! Unfortunately, none of this saves us from this evil on Sat.1.

Obert as the "boss fumbler"

Is that true? Obert pats Mario-Marco-Somehow all over his body. After all, do you want to know which "applicant material" you bring into the house. The boss fumbler thinks that the goods are decent. Just a reminder: women are allowed to do that! Is part of equality. Somehow-Marco-Mario is also impressed: "Old, but damp!"

Are you praying for salvation yet? "Holy Mary and Joseph," pleads the voiceover. Are they responsible for it? Claudia is, says a Thorsten, "a great pig". The horny pig toasts it. If you think that's a compliment too, congratulations, then you've come to the right place in this TV trash house!

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